Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Shape up Challenge! Week One

I am trying to keep my motivation up as it is quick to dissolve. I find having kids makes it easier and easier to allow myself excuses when really what does it take to make 30 min for myself to exercise? I mean I manage to find time to check in here a few times a week... so here it goes.

My MOPS group started this Shape- Up Challenge last week trying to promote healthier moms. So many of us are complaining about what we want to do with ourselves but never seem to make it a priority, so we started kind of a biggest loser competition. It is a challenge, but it also is a chance for us to come together and work towards a goal and keep each other motivated! There are prizes in this and accountability to others. At each meeting (twice a month) we have a weigh in and a place to track our measurements. So it is pounds and inches lost. I usually base it on inches or how I feel. Last week we started it out with a kickboxing instructor who I thought was going to demonstrate some things we could do, oh did she! It turned out it was an actual class we had to do!! Which in one way was great because so many of us that thought we weren't ready to take a class, decided this could be fun working out together.

So I have been trying to work out at least 3 days a week, but that gives me to much room to not do it. To skip a workout which turns into a few workouts, etc. etc. So this week I have decided to make working out part of my daily schedule. Mon-Fri need to fit in at least 30 min of something.
My personal goal is to lose 15 lbs. Really 10 would put me at my pre-pregnancy weight, so I am shooting for just a bit more. So far this week I have managed to do an hour class that my church offers yesterday and 45 min of pilates today.

I have a small discussion group that is helping with the motivation, we were to get together today and workout together, but my baby was sick so I wasn't able to join them:(
Now I just have to stay focused. I am planning on taking my kindergartner to school a bit early tomorrow so I can sneak in a workout before dh leaves for the day. This is a 12 week competition and we have just one week under our belts. Now for the rest of the challenge! Keep ya posted:)

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palmtreefanatic said...

you go girl! I been feeling sick and miserable and excercize sounds like torture right now!