Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Ethan's 1st Demo Derby Car

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Beginnings

First day of school underway and Miss Elena starts today. She was so excited. She picked out a
Hannah Montana shirt to wear with sparkly silver shoes and of course a silver headband to match. I was never so accessorized as a kindergartner. Not even in high school! Anyways, I keep thinking I need to pick her up in a few hours. That will be different. She didn't act nervous at all and we found out there was a little boy from her preschool that she played with all summer that is in her class. So that was reassuring. A familiar face.

Ethan wasn't so crazy about his first day. Lunch was later and his friends were all scattered. It will be better for him today I am sure. He thinks he doesn't need me to walk him to/from school anymore. He got mad when I made him walk with us. Big second grader.

My first day was fun. It was great to see all the kids that I know and the teachers were so nice. Surprisingly Ethan's teacher from last year was quite chatty and told me of a job opening. So I am going to see what I can do about getting it. The ladies I worked with were great and I got to work with my friend who got me my job so that made it so much easier getting into it.

Natalie was super excited to go to the babysitters, but had a rough afternoon. We'll see how she does today.

So my new beginning besides working out of the house is getting back into working out! I have been such a slacker and I can feel it. I don't usually go by the scale, I go by how I feel and lately I can feel that I have put on a few pounds. When I went to the Dr a few weeks back his scale said I have gained 12 pounds since late spring!! WOW! So I have been watching what I put into my mouth, trying to snack on veggies and such and since I just have one child with me starting today I amgetting back into walking daily. I took the kids to school and took Natalie on a 30 minute walk. I am gonna shoot for 30 min a day this week, bump that up to 45 next and keep moving until I am at an hour. I will walk until the weather gets too yucky and then I will head to our local rec center.
So wish me luck with this. It is so hard to get into a new routine.

Okay now I am off to bake a chocolate cake for dessert tonight. Hmmm wonder how those 12 pounds snuck on? I have no idea!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Back to School

The last weekend of summer vacation. A month ago I was dreaming about this, craving the regularity of a schedule. I have 2 going to school this year. My middle child is beginning kindergarten and although I have been so excited for her to go, now that we are days away I am getting sad. I know she will thrive in that environment. She loves school I am hoping it continues now that it will be an all day everyday thing. I am looking forward to days with just me and my 3 year old though. She is at such a fun age, I know we will make lots of special memories together.

Another thing about school starting this year that I am nervous/excited about is I am going back to work. I was hired by the school system the kids go to in May as a substitute helper. I will float between all the schools wherever there is a need, secretaries, library, teachers aide, kitchen. I am a sub so I can for the most part choose my schedule. Well I got a call with a request to work at the elementary school my kids attend for the whole week next week. I will only be working for two hours each day just to help in the cafeteria. Perfect. I will be here with them before and after school. I am glad I will get to see them at school each day, but nervous about returning to the work world. I have been home for over 3 years and even before that I was only working 1-3 days for 2 years before that. But I know once I get in there it will be fine. Natalie is excited about going to the babysitters, she has been telling me for weeks that I go to work she will go to the babysitters. So I know the adjustment for her will be fine.

Well I better get myself ready to go shopping. Just a few more items to pick up and the kids are ready for back to school!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - MOPS MOMMAS!

I went to our county fair yesterday and since I usually run into so many mops moms there, I thought I would do a Thursday thirteen on who I see. I did see a couple more than 13, but oh well. It was fun catching them all off guard when I said "Hello, SMILE!!"

(If you don't know what MOPS is, be sure to click on the word above and it will take you to the website. Great Group every mom should know about! This years theme is adventures in motherhood, so seeing these mommas at a fair was quite fitting)

I left names out for privacy reasons, but the last one is ME:)

Happy Thursday!

Wordless Wednesday - Storm Clouds

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tacke it Tuesday

My tackle for today sounds incredibly simple, but I have been down for 2 days straight with what I am guessing is bronchitis. I have had a scratchy throat and then a sinus thing, but it is in my chest so bad and I cannot get into the Dr until Thursday. Tomorrow is kids day (free day) at our county fair so I am resting all I can today so I have the energy to hopefully get out there tomorrow.
So my tackle today is LAUNDRY! stripping beds, washing bedding and the mountain in my laundry room. There probably is a good 5-6 loads of laundry to wash, dry, fold and put away. Which with the way I am feeling will be an all day tackle. YUCK.
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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Stuffed Puppies!- Right up my alley:)

My Sweet little Natalie just loves, I mean loves dogs. She has her little toddler bed full of them. Different colors, different sizes all with names of chocolate or m&m's her fave things in the world. Unfortunately her momma is more of a cat person. And our old kitty is pretty set in his ways I don't think any new animals are in our near future. BUT over at Five Minutes for MOM I saw this awesome giveaway that would make her year!! AND they are giving away 3 so big brother Ethan and big sister Elena wouldn't be fighting over them. They all want a dog so badly. This giveaway would be perfect I mean how cute are these? If you want to check out the store that is sponsoring the giveaway- A Rocking Horse to Love, just click the link here go to the stuffed puppies section to view more.

I don't do many of these giveaway write ups, but a life size stuffed puppy? So worth it. So wish me luck!

See how excited they would be to win?

Monday, August 04, 2008


Back and have some time to catch up a bit. YAY! Seems this summer is absolutely flying by! I guess that is a sign of getting old, eh? When you are young time drags on and on and when you get older it whizzes past. Anyways.
First thing is my dear son Ethan who I am sure will cause me to grey waay before my time, Is in the clear with his tooth!
For now anyways. Last week we went to the dentist and he says his tooth is being held by the bone. It has grown around and is now supporting the tooth and the X-ray showed that the root is reattaching. So we are back to normal for the most part. I am still going to take caution with some of the things he does or bites into. Of course we come home from the dentist and that same night he thinks he is going to pull out his ramp and start jumping his bike. YIKES! Don't think so. But he was able to play in his last ball game of the season which was nice because all season he wasn't allowed on the field, only could bat with the protective helmet on. And we can actually swim now too. This whole summer has went by and we only could go to the private pool we belong to a handful of times. I am hoping we have many sunny days left so we can get down there and enjoy them.

While this was taking place with Mr. Ethan Miss Elena wanted to get in on the action and dislocated her elbow. It was a rainy day and we were leaving the dentist office I took the kids to the mall to play. Just as we were getting ready to leave she does one last dive off a toy and must of fallen just right. I didn't see the fall, but she complained all day about it hurting. I figured it was bruised because nothing appeared to be out of place. When my dh got home from work I took her out to the ER since our Dr was on vacation. 3 Hours later it was all back in place and life was good. Other than she had to rest her arm for 2 days in a sling. She hated that you would've thought the world was gonna end. How would she react if it was broken? Anyways glad that is behind us as well.

I have spent most of the summer sick. ICK! I had strep throat in the beginning of summer and for the last 3 weeks have another lovely sore throat. I guess I better start taking better care of myself. eh? I will make a mental note to do that.

Some positive, I mean WONDERFUL news is miss Natalie is now Potty trained!! YAY!! It took a little time, but once she had it down, she had it down. It has been over a month and we have only had 3 accidents. She is thrilled with herself. I cannot believe I am finally done buying diapers! 7 1/2 years straight of diapers, diapers, diapers. I almost grabbed the microphone at Walmart and announced it to the store I was so excited when I bought the Princess pull ups. My last package I will buy for myself!Whoo-hoo!! She wears the pull ups at night, but she wakes up dry. I still am making her wear them a little longer to avoid any messes. But Go Natalie Go!!

I started am currently babysitting Elena's best friend and her big brother until school gets back in which has been an adjustment around here. Now this week they are sick so their mom is keeping them home (which I soo appreciate!) I also will have Natalie's best bud a few days in there so at least they all have someone to keep them busy.

Even though we have had to lay low. And I mean low. I couldn't even do play dates because I just didn't feel like telling Ethan no 300 times so I just avoided anything he might have trouble controlling himself with so that was friends, parks, beaches, etc etc. We did do the summer reading program at the Library and they really go into that this year. Natalie was old enough to participate too so that was fun. She is looking forward to story time this fall.
We did go on our annual 4th of July family camping trip which was a lot of fun, we went to the drive in movie a few times, the zoo, VBS, and lots of just hanging out together which I am loving.

I am so torn about school coming up, part of me wants to keep them home longer and have more fun together and part of me thinks 3 more weeks? AWWWW.

Okay I think for the most part we are up to speed now. I have more, but I will save it for another post.

Friday, August 01, 2008


I hope for good this time. It has been over a month since I have been able to be online. We have a trusted friend who fixes our computer problems for us and my dear hubby will not allow any one else to work on it. So I had to wait for a good time for one of us to take the computer up over an hour away and then pick it up. Apparently it was a task for us because it took over a month to accomplish!

I have so much to update you with! I don't have the time now, I have been babysitting this summer and I have to get all the kids ready for VBS. I will be back with pics, stories and more. I know you will be waiting at the edge of your seat. hee hee.

I will be doing my blog rounds soon too. I can't wait to see how you all are doing and how your summers are going.

Be on soon! Just wanted to let you know I am still alive:)