Sunday, October 22, 2006

Time to share

I do have to admit, when I started this seperate blog I was so completely inspired. I envisioned daily posts full of wonderful stories of motherhood and ways that I have found to just keep me driven.
When in all reality I have had no time to be motivated let alone have time to write it down to share.
But This week has been a good one in the fact that I have am realizing that I really have allowed myself to become soo absorbed with being mommy that I didn't realize how much of myself I have been losing. Not that being mommy isn't the most wonderful title in the world. It is truly my most favorite, just would like to find out who this mommy person, or should I say Heather is. I am just now finding the desire to find myself again. I don't even remember when I lost that :0

One big thing is just doing little things for myself like actually shopping for myself. So many days I stop and look down at myself. Tennis shoes, sweatshirt and pony tail is what I swore I would never become!! So lately I have found myself taking a step towards getting back to me. I have had a few nights this week where I was able to go out with friends so I went out and bought some new things for myself. Amazing what a new outfit can do for you! Plus I got to go on a date with my husband. Something we don't do as often as we should. But we really reconnected. That was really a neccesary step. We have been going in opposite directions lately and to get back on the same path just feels awesome! We have made a promise to do that more often and we are very excited to have a teenage babysitter now and we just found one more:) I forsee more grown up time in the future. yay!!

Besides time with my hubby and new clothes, something I am so thankful for these days is friends. New friends, old friends, best friends. Something I really couldn't live without. It seems -that -most of all is helping me to get back to myself again. Keeping me driven to be who I set out to be. The kind of friend, mother and wife that I said I would be and sort of was losing sight of. So Thanks to all my friends just for being you and being a part of my life!

In this wonderful season of motherhood, friends are what we need the most:)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Fallidays

I received something in the mail the other day, an advertisement that I thought was true description of how I feel about autumn. Happy Fallidays. I have always loved fall, so many things about it that are special. In a way after having a long fun summer, When the month of September arrives, it kind of is like all the Holidays begin and in a way we treat every day like a holiday. Lets go pick Apples, because its fall. Lets have cider and donuts today because its September. Lets bake some pumpkin seeds and make some yummy pumpkin bread for a snack. I could go on and on. Trying to do all the fun fall things in such a short amount of time can make this laid back relaxing time to fly by and Christmas is upon us before we know it. So for now I am gonna try to take advantage of as many days as I can to brew up a pot of some yummy hazelnut coffee and try to take as many time outs and take it all in.

10 Things I love about fall
1. Pumpkins. Eating them, decorating with them, carving them
2.Spending time outdoors with my family. Even doing yardwork is fun. Raking a big pile of leaves and watching the kids jump in them.
3. Taking a drive to look at the leaves changing. Esp. when you aren't the driver, you can take in so much!
4. Reading stories like 'We're going on a leaf hunt' with the kids.
5. Warm sunny days that have just a touch of crispness to them. Enough to need a sweater.
6. Getting together with friends with a nice cup of something warm. Tea, cider, cocoa whatever!
7. Warm, snuggly fleece pajamas, esp the kinds with the feet in them (the kind Ethan and Elena hate to wear but so far Natalie is okay with them YAY!)
8. Taking walks and listening to how even the noises in town change when autumn arrives, neighborhood kids are in school, there is less traffic, a bit more quiet.
9. Football games. Going to them, or even on TV - they are great background noise for a nap. (NAP! HA! Can't remember the last time I napped while watching anything! I can reminisce, can't I? )
10. Baking. Something about the weather cooling makes me want to fire up the stove! So you can always count on some sort of baked good at our house, cookies, brownies - tried a new recipe for apple pie the other day! YUM-O! It was the best I have ever made:)

All right that's all I have for now. We actually spent some nice family time together and enjoyed a perfect fall day. A bit cool, very and sunny. We went to a festival, caught some of the parade, ate WAY to much junk and came home and snuggled up to a movie:) Just a nice day, Oh and my dad went to church with me this morning so I guess it was a great day! Hope you all had one to.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Some kind of Love

Okay I am gonna start off today by saying that I am soo happy to have my husband in my life!!
I tend to be on the negative side towards him most days. Angry because he isn't home enough, frustrated because he's home too much! You know there is always something new. It seems lately though with all the little things we pick about, we both don't take them to heart because we know what is important in the big picture. When it comes down to it, I can get as angry as I want when he gets on me because the house is a wreck, or I haven't saved enough money, or that the kids are just too full of energy why don't I have them taught yet how to behave, in all reality, he keeps me in line. He truly knows me better than I know myself and I wish I could say the same for him. God knows where I would be without him. He keeps me focused, he keeps me driven and he doesn't get the credit he deserves most days. So today somehow at the end of it all I can still say that I am happy for my husband. That 11 years have flown by and through it all I really am loving every minute of it!

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 15:5-6

Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Musings

I love fall. It has always been my favorite time of year. It inspires me to do so many things. Esp baking!! Mmmm. Bring on the pumpkin :) One of the reasons I don't think I could ever move somewhere warm. I am a cool weather girl. This weekend was so beautiful. I had so many things I wanted to do , I wanted to take the family out to a cornmaze with friends, go to a pumpkin patch, just get out and enjoy the colors. But as usual, I had obstacles. Why is it when you there are things you truly want to do, someone ends up sick? That is the case ALWAYS in my house. This time it was the baby. I still am not feeling so great, but it is tolerable. Natalie had it bad too, in her chest, coughing, wheezing, neither of us slept Saturday night. But in the mist of all that all she wanted was her mommy:) she snuggled up to me like never before, just wanting to be held, just wanting me to take care of her. I love that part of the job.(never love for her to be sick though) There are soo many days, esp. lately that I have broke down and just wanted my mommy!!! So to know I can be there for her, is all I need to keep me going.

So my things to be happy about today.....
1. My little Natalie besides being sick has become a love bug! She showers everyone with kisses, esp. her sissy! I swear she gives her 20+ kisses a day. She sticks out her bottom lip and goes mmmmmm. It is so cute! Plus she does this kind of pull you in thing. She will walk up to you put her arm around your neck and pull you close, and give a little squeeze. She has started saying momma. So she will come in, pull me close, say ahh momma and give me a smootch! You know she is starting to understand this whole love thing and it's GREAT!!

2. Happy to have medicine. I usually am one who doesn't like to take pills. But with my head spinning (literally) and being plugged up, I can't even explain the goofy things going on. After 3 days of being on my antibiotics I am starting to feel normal again!! YEA!!!

3. FALL. There are so many things I love about fall. One of my favorites is my trees in my yard. They change the most gorgeous shades of orange, yellow and red and completely blanket my yard! When we first bought the house we were moving in Halloween weekend and I remember taking breaks and coming out onto my side porch and watching it just rain leaves. It was beautiful!!

We'll try to get some fun fall things in this week(which of course I will put on my family blog) although they are calling for snow by Friday. SNOW????

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Before I was a mom, I knew just how to be one. I knew exactly how my children would behave and how effectively I would discipline them. MY children would never be the ones you see in the grocery store running wild while the mother just stands there with a blank look on her face watching them - Wake up lady!- I would think. What kind of a mom are you??
Well here in the real world there are days that as a mother of three (4) I am that mom standing there while my kids run amuck. Although I have learned that most days I just try to avoid shopping with them altogether. That usually works better:)

But I have been focusing on part of the first sentence. Before I was a mom, I knew that I wanted to have an great time raising my kids, that I would interact with them and have fun with them, be all that my childhood lacked. I barely have any memories of my mother who passed away when I was 8. I knew for my own kids, I wanted to be present and make as many memories as I can.

Now with each child, my energy levels have dropped and more seems to be on our plate, but having a conversation the other night with some other mothers kind of is helping me refocus. (Which is hard these days as I have been in a fog for two weeks and found out yest I have an inner ear infection AND a sinus infection! yuck!)

Something my husband has commented on many times is now sinking in. That I always am in a hurry, I always am rushing myself, rushing the kids- Expecting more from everyone than I should. Yelling and stressing everyone out. Last night instead of helping at church, I dropped the kids off and I stayed home to rest with the baby. It hit me how little time I really spend with her. Just playing. She is always with me, but I couldn't remember the last time I just got on the floor, just me and her and played. What has become of me? I have turned into a schedule monster. Trying so hard to get everything done. Trying to stay on top of daily cleaning and running to appointments, playdates and other things we are involved with. The amount of yelling going on is not even necessary.
I thought about how I normally act on a night when we get home past bedtime. I usually rush everyone to bed without being that loving mommy I have set out to be. So last night, I had a snack ready, pajamas laid out and when I brought the kids home, I did everything I could to be patient with them. I didn't expect them to just shut down and go to sleep. I let them unwind without all the yelling and you know. It worked. I think I even got extra hugs and kisses before bed:)
Which made me think of this :
A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. Proverbs 15:1
So my thing to be happy about today is that it is not to late for me to focus my prayer on helping me slow down . Without taking away from the things we like to do. That I can be more productive while still allowing some time to just be mommy. I am not saying I am going to just play all the time, just readjust -to discipline and direct more lovingly.

Be their ideal; let them follow the way you teach and live; be a pattern for them in your love, your faith, and your clean thoughts. 1 Timothy 4:12

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A brand new day, a brand new blog...

Okay, I already have a blog that I share all the lovely things that happen to my family, mostly to my wonderful, funloving kids. But more and more as I read some of these blogs, I am so inspired. I don't want to take away from what I do for them, as I keep that for an album for them. This is my personal outlet so I can share, and/or vent things that are on my mind that a 16 mth old, 3 year old and 6 year old could care less about and my dh may just not understand (sorry honey). So feel free to join me on this little adventure in mommyland and if you have a blog to share, please do as I love to be inspired and know that everyday we all deal with similar things.
The title of my blog came from a book I received in High school. My friends would tease me that I was always so stinkin' happy and you know, I loved that book! So going through all the possibilities I kept coming up with negative, overwhelming things about motherhood and thought really it should be something more uplifting. You want to always find the good out of the bad so here we are and now we're off..............................