Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Lets all be Action Heroes

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You may want to hit the stop on the music player to hear the video.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

Hello! Today I am so happy that the sun is shining:) I actually have a low key day and a really busy rest of the week so I am going to take today to tackle my laundry room. Change all the linens and wash them and catch up on my bible challenge!
My 90 day Bible Challenge, today is day 41 in the reading and the week before last when the weather started warming up I got two days behind, then I left for the woman's retreat and forgot my Bible even though I told myself to run upstairs and grab it twice. So then I was 4 days behind. Over this past weekend I spent some extra time Saturday morning and caught up on 2 days worth of reading since my hubby was home to keep my little shadow (my 2 yr old) busy.

So Where I am today is in Psalms 11. I am reading in day 39. So I need to read until Psalms 69:21 Can I do it? You bet I can! Even if the kids drag me outside, this bible will come with me! I have to get caught up. I don't want to get any further behind!

Also a Tackle for today is get in a workout. Now I am actually feeling pretty good about myself right now despite the fact that my tummy could use some work and I probably could stand to loose about 5 lbs. But my hubby is happy with me and that makes the world of difference. But I have about 6 weeks until Valley Beach opens so I am gonna make it a point of getting 30 minutes in everyday, whether that be a walk or yoga, or some type of cardio - Something. I have recruited a friend to walk with me at least once maybe twice a week if we can coordinate our schedules. So yay! I should be feeling even better by summer and have more energy too!

What are your tackles? I'd love to know:)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Wow has it been that long?

I hopped on here today and couldn't believe that it has been that long since I have blogged. My poor little blog which was given so much love the last week or so was completely ignored. Not to mention the blogs that I was just starting to find time to read. So I have missed my bloggy friends! Today I am here and hoping to catch up with some of you!

While I have been away I have been soo busy. Love the weather changes, but it is hard to change things around. The kids always want to be outside and I need to move a little faster to get what I need to get done so we can play outside. I have been going through all their spring/summer things to see what fits them and what needs to be given away. Rearranging dresser drawers and closets. Oh my!

Besides that trying to keep up with my reading challenge. Which has proven to be a challenge indeed. I will post more about that another time.

We have had some fun too. The weekend before this last, I got to go away on our Alliance Women's retreat with our church. which was so nice. I do think this was one of the first trips I have had without my hubby or kids that I was able to enjoy. I had a nice time spending it with some people that I don't get to hang out with as much as I would like. I don't schedule much time that is just for me so this was much needed. One of the things that I thought was great about this is there were so many great speakers and such wonderful messages and when we left, our group was talking about how nothing popped out at us.
Well I love how sometimes the Lord just plants a seed that will grow into something later. One of the things discussed was conflict resolution and how to do it with a biblical perspective. Wouldn't you know when I come home there is a conflict waiting for me! We are having some issues with one of our neighbors and it was trickling down to another neighbor. Well the conflict is only partially resolved, but I know that with God's help things will smooth out and I am not stressing over it like I normally would.

I have been able to finally been able to help at my son's school which I love to do and his teacher has only allowed me to come once this year. So here we are at the end of the school year and I didn't know half the kids in his class! So I helped two weeks in a row and have learned most of their names. I love it! This week I get to help out 2 days. One for the whole day. They are having a COSI on wheels there, so this should be a lot of fun!

We had a fun get together with family yesterday to celebrate both my sister in laws' birthdays and my step sons. He turns 14 today!!! How did that happen?? Oh!! our cousin announced she is moving up her wedding date. She was getting married next May and they now are getting married in November this year!! AND she asked miss Elena to be a flower girl! Oh this will be exciting!

Well there is my update for now. No menu posting today, I am planning pretty much a kid menu for most days, although I am trying a new recipe Saturday for an Italian chicken chili which looks sooo yummy. I am gonna serve it over spaghetti noodles. I think the kids will like it that way. If it is good, I will share the recipe.
Take care, take in some sunshine and have a GREAT MONDAY!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I am looking forward to doing now that the weather is finally breaking:
  1. Going for walks outside! One of my favorite things to do first thing in the morning is get out and walk while the sun is still low. You can hear all the birds chirping and it is just a great way to start the day.
  2. Getting the kids out on bike rides.
  3. Hitting the parks! Natalie has been begging to go to the play park and so far they have still been too muddy.
  4. Going to the ZOO. We have two zoo's each about an hour away and we love to spend lots of time there.
  5. T-ball games! This year Ethan and Elena will both be playing. I am hoping on the same team. This should be fun to watch.
  6. Baseball. Jason started practice this week, so That is always fun, he loooves Baseball.
  7. On the subject of Baseball. Opening Day was Monday! Whoo-Hoo! GO TRIBE!! We try to get to a few baseball games each year.
  8. Okay this is further into spring, really summer but we just got our renewal papers to Valley Beach and I wasn't going to get another pass this year, but I think we just may.
  9. Cedar Point! We had so much fun last year we are definitely gonna plan a trip or two this year.
  10. Park Play dates. I love to get out and have picnics with our friends.
  11. Planting flowers - I love to freshen up the landscaping with new growth and color. This year we need a landscaping update.
  12. Planting a small garden. Ethan is excited about helping me pick some vegetables to grow.
  13. Camping! This also is really getting into summer, but we have at least two camping trips we are planning and I cannot wait!!

That is my list of things I am getting ready for. How about you?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wordless Wednesday- I see some GREEN:)

These are some of my tulips that are trying so hard to come out. YAY!
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Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Well after a VERY long day and it feels like a million phone calls, our Gas meter is fixed. Thanks to my hubby, cousin and our neighbor. What a day! There are so many codes that our old house was not up to and had to be fixed before they would hook us back up. Even when they guy came back there was one thing and he almost wouldn't let us be reconnected, but I was praying and praying that he would let it slide even temporarily and I stepped outside with miss Natalie so he could see we have a little baby and he gave us a temporary okay with the condition that this one code must be fixed in the next few days. YAY! Luckily it wasn't cold out, but my hubby starts work this week and that means he isn't here to fix any adjustments so we really needed that to be back and running last night. Praise the LORD!!

So since my kitchen was torn apart yesterday and I couldn't do my normal Monday cleaning that is the fun tackles I have today. Oh how I wish I had a fun project to tackle today!

So here is my list:
  • Strip all the beds and wash bedding
  • About 5-6 loads of laundry
  • Dusting
  • Washing windows
  • Sweeping and mopping kitchen
  • Sweeping and mopping Bathroom/laundry room
  • Sweeping and mopping Entry ways
  • Vacuuming
Doesn't that sound like a fun day? Somewhere in there I am gonna have to squeeze in lots of snuggle time with my 2 yr old. She had a rough day yesterday with mom being occupied helping dad all day. I think she cried the majority of the day and she already is glued to my side and whiny this morning. Hope that gets better!
Happy Tuesday!