Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Summertime is here!

Thirteen Things I plan to do with my summer:

1. Keep up with our summer Bible study - which I am really looking forward too!
2. Play dates in the park with the MOPS girls :)
3. Valley Beach! Hoping the weather will cooperate and we can go today!
4. picnic lunches at all the local parks
5. Lots of bike rides! Me and the kids love to ride our bikes and Ethan can go a pretty good distance, so I pop the girls in the bike cart and off we go!
6. Watch Ethan's T-ball games and hope to catch a few of Jason's ball games as well
7. Take Elena to play mini me T-ball. Now that she knows how to play she wants to also!
8. Camping. We love to go camping. We usually go on a few outings with our family and around the 4th of July Bills whole family goes on a camping weekend- which is a blast!
9. Taking the kids to lots of VBS! Ethan went to 3 of them last year and loved it! This year Elena can go too, so I know that at least 2 of them they both will go.
10. The zoo! We have a zoo membership so we will be hitting all the major ones I'm sure more than once. We love the zoo!!
11. All the local fairs and festivals. Love checking them out and sampling the Food! Yum!
12. Going to Kelley's Island. We take the ferry over then rent a golf cart, drive around the island and then hit the beach!
13. One of my favorite things about summer. Our lovely fire pit. Hubby is so busy during this time of year. This is the time we get to spend together, So we fire up the pit, get something cool to drink and sit on our swing and catch up. We try to do this as much as possible. So relaxing!


palmtreefanatic said...

great list
we are going to VB today for a short bit too....

Michelle P said...

so many fun plans! I am so glad Joshua is a little older this year. It will be so much easier to play this summer!

KC said...

sounds like a blast. Princess is going to KI. for our church summer camp. I love KI.. I love camping on KI and I love there beach.. I lived there one summer when I worked at the camp that was a blast. I have only been to VB onces and that was last year. I love sitting by the fire. We too will be doing the VBS thing.. and I"m sure if you have read my blog at all I'll be spending plenty of time on the ball field.. Mr Man is playing baseball this year, Princess is on two softball teams, and Sweet Pea is doing t-ball again(so I'll see ya at the t-ball field) She is still to young but since daddy was the coach last year we were able to get her in early and since she played last year she got to do it this year also. This weekend we are combining camping with the ball field. Princess has a tournament in Toledo so we are camping there this weekend.
It sounds to me like you have a fun summer planned out. enjoy it all :)

Doug and Stacey said...

Great List!

KC said...

in responce to the comment you left over at my blog...
I thought I would be sad on Sweet Pea's last day of school.. but when it was time to send her to school I almost forgot it was the last day, then when I went to pick her up what kept running though my mind was that I'm going to have a year break without having to pay the preschool every month.. and how this will be the 1st time in 4 years that I haven't wrote a check to them every month, and how come the fall I'll only have to make 2 drop off and pick ups and not have 3 in 3 different schools. Plus she is sooooooooooo ready for kindergarten it's all she ever talks about.

Carey said...

My kids love VBS, the zoo, and the beach. Thats what we are doing this summer as well.

Carey said...

Id love to hear your thoughts on Kelley Island. We are looking for a place to get a way for night or two. without kids even. Email me sometime.