Monday, September 10, 2007

Long time, No Bloggy

I got on here today and could not believe my last post date! August! Here we are in the second week of Sept! Anyways, like most of you I have been busy starting my slow down period. Ha, Ha. I think this week I will finally get into the groove of back to school. I love summer and the spontaneity of it, but I do like to get back on to a good schedule. Although putting the kids back on a schedule isn't quite as easy a task. So we started first grade, started preschool, started eighth grade, Had a few birthday parties, First middle school football game, some cookouts with family, lost a few teeth. Now this week begins MOPS and Awana. Just a few more trips across town for me. But that is our life and I love it!

I will post pics on the family blog of all the excitement going on around here, but I just wanted to put a post on here and say that yes, I am still alive! Thanks for those of you who asked. hee, hee.


Lori_N said...

My blogging has slowed down too. I think I might be busier now than I was over the summer with 7 kids!!

I wish our blogs could have counters like eBay because I check your blog almost every day. I'm the same way, I check my blog and see only a couple of comments and I'm disappointed. I love reading the comments.

I'm glad you're still alive...see you tomorrow?

Stayllo said...

I love getting back on the schedule too but the kids don't. Garrett keeps asking me when he's going to get a day off and its only Wednesday!