Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just some Ramblings

So far we have entered into a busy summer, busy for us anyways. We started the summer off with a slumber party, we went to the private beach we belong to a few times, went to see Indiana Jones at the Drive In, had some baseball games a T-ball game (those keep getting rained out) Started the summer reading program at the Library which the kids really get into and this is Natalie's first year that she can participate and she is doing great with it. Went to the zoo, caught fireflies and done sparklers. And of course friends are over every day.

My biggest obstacle occurred last week when Ethan was playing on the neighbor kids new slide pool. All inflatable, but my little man found a way to get hurt on it. He lost a permanent tooth sliding down the slide on the edge of the piece of plastic that connects the slide and the pool. I do not do well with emergencies, but luckily the dentist could get him right in and they reattached the tooth. They say there is a high chance of the tooth reconnecting if it is reinserted within an hour of coming out. But see, he lost the baby tooth next to it this last week also, so that tooth will be shifting and growing and could pose a problem. This has been a rough 5 days for me already and when I woke up this morning, the bonding (they bonded his tooth to the other permanent tooth) the bonding broke. So now we are waiting to get into the dentist again this morning.
He has been on a soft foods diet since Thursday which is so hard because he wants what everyone else is eating. He can't do a lot of the things he likes to do because he cannot bump that tooth again or the chances of his tooth going back again aren't likely. I know its just a tooth and they make fake teeth all the time, but I don't want my baby to worry about little things like that his whole life if they can fix it with his real teeth. I just had to share because I have been a mess trying to keep this active boy busy, but not wild like he wants to be.


Melissa said...

So sorry about Ethan's tooth! Poor thing. Hope everything goes well at the dentist today!

Michelle P said...

WOW! Busy at the dentist's office! Hope the tooth hangs on...you hang in there too, Heather :)

Stayllo said...

I feel so bad for you and Ethan. That sounds terrible. I'll definitely keep you both in our prayers.

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! I don't have to tell you all I went through with Adams tooth! ( you can read my posts) I do pray HARD you do not have any more problems in the future with it! Adam had no problem till 3 yrs later and ugh!
Adams is the front tooth so I am very concerned of his smile any way! They say it is best to do all you can to keep the teeth of his own! which tooth did he loose?
My prayers are with YOU through all this too!!! I know EXACTLY what you are going through!

Happy2bme said...

I'm so sorry Ethan!! Wow, I didn't even know they could try to save the tooth! Best of luck, I hope everything turns out ok.

Heidi said...

Oh that's not good. How can they always find the one thing that will get them hurt? BTW your header is the cutest ever!