Friday, November 14, 2008

Sick, Sick, Sick

The flu bug is going around and unfortunately decided to come to our house so last night I was up all night with miss Natalie. Ick. I can handle any kind of chest cold, respiratory infection, but I don't do well with the pukes!

So I am spending my day today disinfecting and cleaning -when I am not snuggling with my little girl- We didn't get much sleep last night, so I am hoping she will sleep more today. We have a busy weekend ahead so I am hoping the Lysol does the trick.

Miss Elena is having two birthday parties. One tomorrow with her friends and one Sunday with family. So I have the house to get ready, which isn't much but we had new carpet put in last week and I still need to move some furniture around. But later I need to make cupcakes and when Bill gets home I need to shop for all the yummy food and decorations. Her theme is Littlest Pet Shop.

Today is one of those crazy little gifts, that you asked for but just not exactly. I was just complaining to my dh about how I have all these projects upstairs that are started but not finished and I can never keep the kids in one spot so I can finish them. Last night while miss Natalie drifted off to sleep after getting sick, I sat in her room and finally got all their summer things out of the closet and dressers and put away, sorted play clothes and school clothes, tossed some things and got the girls room cleaned. Today I have moved her into my room so she can watch cartoons and hopefully I can sort through these piles of papers around my desk and start on the boys summer things. If she was well, it would still be sitting here. Crazy.
Now I just pray I don't get sick!!


Michelle P said...

I'm glad you were able to get some things done in the middle of the yuckies! We actually were all sick a couple of weeks ago. I hope it stays contained to just one!

KC said...

Hope everyone is feeling well at your place and that the parties went well..
Our Parties were great, Friday was the friend party and Saturday the family and sunday the Thanksgiving dinner at church.
ONLY NOW the birthday boy is telling me he is sick and has been in the bathroom sick 3 times since Church this evening and is now laying on the couch not feeling well.. :(