Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fun with M & M's

As I logged on here this morning, I realized I went the whole month of February without a single blog post! It just wasn't a post worthy month I guess. We were sick for most of it. I have tried to post a few on my family blog, but if I have a few minutes I tend to jump on Facebook. So with being home with a sick Elena for a few days, my house is scrubbed from top to bottom and I have some catch up time. Last weekend I was playing around with the M&M avatars and the kids got in on the fun too. We did this awhile back but the site wouldn't let us save our creations.
I just think its interesting how you view yourself and how other people can view you as something completely different. I have had a few instances lately where I select something(shirt, purse, song) and someone tells me "oh that is not you at all" Which I respond with REALLY? So is it that I am so far gone from who I really am that I no longer know myself? Or is it others think they know me, but really don't pay that much attention?

I thought it was funny that when I selected an M & M avatar, one of my kids responded with who is that suppose to be? So I thought it would be funny to have them decide who I would be if I were an M & M. here are the results:
The first one is the one I created for myself.Then Ethan made one, this is his version of mom, like the blue lunch lady visor?Miss Elena is so cute, I kept reminding her that she was supposed to make one that looks like mommy, not her and she said I know, this is you. OKAYThen miss Natalie's version of mom
So there you have it. See what I mean? None of them are even similar. Well except the blue shoes, which I don't even own a pair of. Interesting......
If you want to have fun with M&M's just check out their website

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palmtreefanatic said...

i guess that sums it up that your a "cool" mom!;)