Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mom Blog Quiz

So as I am trying to catch up on blogs for the past week, I come across this quiz. Love to do these silly quizzes so I had to see what my results were. I really wasn't surprised as I never can seem to manage to find the time to keep this ol' blog up. Thanks for the quiz kc and tina
The mom blogger quiz from MamaBlogga
Take the Mom Blogger quiz!

Congratulations! You have a life! You have a blog, too, but you'd never let that get in the way of your real life. Good for you. How I envy you.

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KC said...

LOL.. I never have time to read blogs. I would never read a blog at all if it wasn't for
My key to having a post each day is to plan a week worth of post at a time LOL.. then when I get a moment type them all out and don't post them until the day I want them to show up.
yes cheating, Maybe, hummmmmmmmm I don't know. then if there is something cute I want to type about I can always do that and just save the post I had planned for the next time it would be useful.. or live dangerously and post two post in one day 8P
Plus I don't like to clean my house much so when I look and think man I need to clean but Man I don't want to.. I'll just do what I want to do and blog instead. See its all about priorities don't-cha- know ;P