Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No Tackles, Just Time Well Spent

What a great week. ThisThanksgiving for whatever reason was just a good one. Maybe because I didn't have the stress of hosting. I had easy side dishes to prepare and we were eating at 5pm instead of our usual 1pm. But I woke up early before the rest of the house, watched my fave Thanksgiving movie (Home for the Holidays) had my coffee, caught some turkey bowling on TV and just hung out with the family. Bill and the kids spent most of the day playing card games. It was nice. I am so thankful for this family God has blessed me with.

I did manage to sneak out Friday evening and get more Christmas shopping done. I am doing pretty good with it this year. Doing online shopping which is something I really haven't done before. I even have a few people finished up. I love it!! I know some of you out there are done already and good for you. I usually like to get out a little when it is actually Christmas time so I can soak up all the decorations and listen to the wonderful music. So I usually don't even start until December.

We had our daughters birthday party Saturday and we had a good turnout. She had some of her friends there and some cousins we don't see very often showed up too. We went swimming at a local hotel and it was so much fun. It went off without a hitch until last night when I realized I left my charger to my camera plugged in the wall in our room. I need to call today and see if they still have it. My dh is gonna think I did it on purpose since I have been pricing cameras and getting ready to upgrade. Now without a charger I will be forced to buy a new one. I really didn't plan that out and I hope they still have it as it will be a few weeks before I purchase anything new.

This was our first time staying in a hotel with our kids. I know bad parents, we just don't travel with our kids. Heck, we don't travel at all!! I am just waiting until they are older when they aren't so wild. But they were really good. They thought it was just great to sleep there and wake up and eat breakfast there. They will really love it this winter when we stay overnight at one of the indoor water parks. This was just a warm up for them.
We got home Sunday and put up our Christmas Tree. I am loving how excited Natalie is getting. I have 2 trees up right now and we will have 3. Since my mil lives here now, she has a tree with all her special ornaments so I told her she could put it up in our dining room. The one at the top of the stairs I put up last week, so when we put up the living room tree Natalie said "2 trees??" She thought that was great. And then yesterday I got out my lighted garland to wrap the banister and she says "more trees?" She is so cute these days I could gobble her up!

Yesterday was Elena's real birthday. She is officially 5! My mil took her out to lunch and gave her presents and then my aunt stopped by after work and hung out with us for a little bit and brought her another gift. We made cut out turkey cookies for her to bring to school today and frosted them last night. We all went to church and had our picture taken for our directory and it actually came out! They luckily put a bright red background up that did not look good with our outfits, so it saved me spending a bunch of money.

Today I get to spend time with my grandma. She gets together with her sisters and they have a bingo party. They bring gifts for prizes and then have a potluck. I haven't went for years and I am looking forward to it. Me and Natalie will go and spend time with them while Ethan and Elena are in school.

So just sharing what has been going on with me the last few days. It was a great weekend and I am so Thankful for it!


KC said...

Sounds like you have been having such a nice time.. what fun to spend time with your grandma today.
3 trees WOW that sounds like fun also. I have the one big tree and a little tree in each of the kids rooms. I have the big one up and we decorated it yesterday and I have the garlin and christmas decor on the fireplace and we hung the stockings. Rhett is loving the tree this year also.. he had such a blast putting ornaments on it. and now my tree is just going to be a sloppy mess all christmas season I'm sure because he keeps redecorating it every time he passes it.. LOL.. OH well they are only young once and this is a blast for him.

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! so busy! Glad you are getting everything done so smoothly for christmas! Sounds like your Turkey day was amazingly relaxing! We sold our 9 ft by 5 ft tree last summer and I am SOOOOO Happy of that as I now have a whole new elegant look thanks to my mom I have a collage of pencil stick trees, along with my new elegant nativity scene in this collage. I just love christmas, it is such a warm feeling ya know?