Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday

I am so excited! One of the things that has kept me from blogging is my super slow computer. We have high speed cable Internet, but our memory was soo low, my computer was bogged down and it took forever to do anything! So my hubby finally got this baby an update and I am amazed. It is like having a new computer again. I was pulling up websites last night and couldn't believe it didn't take an hour! YAY!! So some of your sites that I used to visit I can come by again. Love it!

So I have a few tackles for today. I am helping at my daughters preschool for their Thanksgiving feast. I love to do this, they dress up like pilgrims and Indians. Last year Elena dressed up like a pilgrim, this year she is an Indian. I always am surprised at how many preschoolers eat the turkey dinner.

I have to head to the post office and ship out a camera I just sold on eBay. I am loving this eBay thing. Definitely can see myself walking around my house and just selling everything for the pure thrill of the auction. Could seriously be dangerous. Must proceed with caution.

Also each of the kids are going to have friends over after school which will help me as they won't be needing my constant attention. My tackles for today are the upstairs and downstairs closets. Since the mother in law moved in, I lost some closet space and am freaking because I don't know where to hide Christmas presents!! We are very limited with hiding places in this house. So today I am going to create some space.

At some point I need to sneak over to the next town and buy a few things that are on my shopping list for Christmas. All on sale for 4 day pre -Thanksgiving sales. Savings of like $50, so I gotta get over and do it!

Just need to make some space first. Not too hard of a tackle today and no, no pictures are allowed as It really is overfilled and nobody wants to see those messes.


Melissa said...

Happy TT! Good luck in your tackle.

Stayllo said...

Good Luck on your tackles! Computer speed makes a huge difference,doesn't it?

Dont make me get out my flying Monkeys! said...

I hate Tackle it Tuesday, it means I really have to get off my butt and get motivated! Well look what I got motivated to do, and it aint cleaning!

Happy Tuesday!

~Tyra~ said...

Hope you get everything done!