Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Lets all be Action Heroes

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You may want to hit the stop on the music player to hear the video.


Heather said...

My Natalie is loving the show Hi-5 lately. I was amazed to see how much attention she pays to it. I walked in to her singing and going through the motions with the songs! I love it!

KC said...

LOL.. what a cutie.. I find Sweet Pea and Little Man doing that often with things but as soon as they see me they both stop.

I think either Mon or Tuesday will work for the park.. I need to check with Princess and make sure she doesn't have the tri county acidemic challenge match on tuesday I know its coming up but I can't remember when.. If it is tuesday monday will work if it isn't then either day works for me. I'll let ya know..

Did you get the pics of Ethan I sent you this weekend? I have them in my slide show in my weekend recap post also.

I need to get Little Man's 3 year picture taken also.. and when I read your comment about it I send you a coupon for Sears also..

Happy WW

Happy2bme said...

Aww how cute, what a great video. My son and I used to watch Hi-5 every morning. Its a great show for kids. I used to sing the songs in my head at work sometimes.