Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Almost 3 yr mixing up the pinata paste

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Heather said...

Okay I think I am showing a little favoritism here. I do have 4 children and the only posts I have put on here in 3 weeks are of the baby! Probably because she is at such a cute age and her b-day is next week! I'll have to mix it up a bit and take more pics of the others:)

KC said...

Mama's little helper..
My next post this evening is going to be another funny one about the baby.. you will have to stop back tonight or tomorrow.. you will get a kick out of this one, once I get it writen out LOL..
What day is her birthday.. I can't get over my baby turning 3 almost makes me want to cry.. His is the 14th.. but we are doing his party on the 11th.

palmtreefanatic said...

she is with you the most these days so perfectly understandable! teach em young;) she looks like a mini mom!

KC said...

Hey Heather you have been tagged in my Meme Monday post for 5/5/08