Thursday, January 10, 2008

Movies, Movies and More Movies

Did I mention that I have become quite the homebody these days? Well right after Christmas when we really just started staying home and just being with our family, we got a two week trial of Netflix now from time to time I will do the Blockbuster online, but I thought I would see how many movies we could get in our free trial. Well we managed to view 11 movies in two weeks!! No we did not just lay around all day watching movies. It pretty much was each evening we would watch them. So here is a list along with a short review.

1. In the Land of Women - I really liked this one.

2. Evan Almighty- I was surprised about this one. It didn't look like one I would like to see. The whole family watched it since it was rated PG. We all liked it. Natalie likes to say "Everybody on the ARK!!" Our pastor even referenced this movie in church last week. Good One we probably will buy this one since we watched it 3 times!

3. The Nanny Diaries - Good movie. Made me thankful that I was not destined to be one of the mothers they depict in the movie.

4. The Simpsons Movie - Okay. I used to be a Simpsons fan. Not so much these days. I wouldn't watch it again.

5. Underdog - Another really cute family movie. The kids loved it. Natalie always is saying "Give the Dog your food" So we now use that in everything. "Give Mommy a kiss" " Give Daddy a hug" etc. etc. Funny. We probably will purchase this one as well.

6. The Nativity Story - I watched this one late Christmas Eve after everyone went to bed before Santa came. It really was a special movie. Makes you take another look at what faith in God Mary and Especially Joseph had. Awesome.

7. Oceans Thirteen - I really like all of these movies

8. The Bourne Ultimatum - I can't give an opinion on this one since I really only watched the first 10-15 minutes. Bill liked it though.

9. License to Wed - ummm wasn't crazy about it. IMO, Previews made it look funnier than it was.
10. The Wild - Didn't watch it, kids did and said it was good. Didn't look interesting to me.

11. I now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry - I have to say there were some funny parts in it. Didn't love the whole concept of it though. Bill thought it was great!

Well I should've squeezed two more in, This could've been a Thursday Thirteen!


Michelle P said...

OOh,good movie choices. We actually bought the Nativity Story we liked it so much! Also, Evan Almighty is one of my favorites! I think me a a couple of girls are going to watch the 5 hour Pride and Prejudice tomorrow!

Stayllo said...

Wow I've seen most of them. We had to buy Underdog already. I love the Bourne movies and the Ocean's ones. I haven't seen the Nanny Diaries though. Chuck and Larry was disappointing and I bored to tears by License to Wed.

palmtreefanatic said...

I really liked in the land of Women! I seen it twice now! We seen and loved Evan Almighty at the Drive Inn! I still wanna see the nanny diaries! Which may be my next rental! Never cared for Simpsons or anything of the like so will skip that, We own Enderdog, cute movie! My friend got it for the kids for Christmas!
I love the Nativity Story We watched it last year on Christmas Eve at the theater!I liked License To Wed, of course that was the day out I had with myself and I was the ONLY one in the theater! It was good but once was enough!
And I have not seen or heard much about the others! Thanks for letting me know your rating for them;)

Shaunda said...

Crazy enough I have seen most of them! I did like "I now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry"!
I love Oceans Thirteen and Bourne Ultimatum maybe cause of actors???