Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Oh What a Night!

We have had some wonderful unseasonably warm weather the past few days. I completely was loving it. Monday it was in the 60's and sunny - I woke up and was full of energy! Took Natalie out on 3 walks, washed all the windows, dusted swept, opened up some of the windows and let the breeze blow in. Sooo refreshing!! My dh grilled hot dogs for lunch and suggested we just move somewhere with weather like this all the time. I really don't think I would appreciate the days like that if it were always pretty much the same. I am an Ohio girl and I love all the seasons. Even the winter. I like my hibernation time, it really is good for the soul. But it is a nice thought.
Anyhow. What I don't like about the quick change in temp, is crazy storms and tornado's. Now listening to the news this morning it said nothing about any tornado's touching or even being spotted last night, but my mil and I both swear we heard the train sound. I have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep these days so last night just as I was falling asleep (about 1 :00 AM!) My 7 yr old Ethan comes in and tells me he is scared of the wind. So I go into his room and lay down with him. Now his room is on the back of the house, so you really could hear it. I lay there with him I would say 3 minutes and the power starts flickering off. I get a little nervous. Then it goes out and the wind picks up so hard, I am not kidding the whole room started to shake, the girls both wake up and they are screaming. I literally picked Ethan up and started carrying him. Told Bill to get the girls and we ran downstairs. The mil came out of her room with a flashlight at the same time. I was completely scared. That wind was really whistling, they said 60mph winds. We ended up having a slumber party in our dining room which turned a scary night into something fun for the kids. They asked if we could sleep there again tonight. Oh I hope not!!

Here is one of the lovelys my neighbors have to deal with. There are at least 3 pine trees that blew over. This one was uprooted and they live on a corner lot. The tree was at least 150 feet tall or more. It was a scary night for sure!


Michelle P said...

How scary! It was really stormy here last night too and my hubby was out of town. Needless to say, I was up late too=(

Liz and Joe said...'s always sunny here in Arizona! We would love to have you out here...and you don't have to worry about tornados (just some sandstorms once in awhile :)

Stayllo said...

We had the strong winds here too! I prepared by putting more sand bags on the pool cover. We had to fish it out after the winds on Christmas Eve. Doug is traveling this week so it was an event to see me putting the 60lb bags down while on the phone with Lori. We made it safely though the night though. Me and kids just cuddled in the bed.

KC said...

I was freaking out a bit during that storm.. I was really sick as it was, I couldn't take a breath in without coughing my head off and having it hurt.. so I wasn't sleeping very well. I started to hear the train sound and hearing the wind I flipped on the TV and just as it came on the power went out.. I couldn't find a flash light and had to feel my way though the dark to the kitchen and felt my way to some matches and then had to remember where the candels were and had to find them in the dark also.. I got a candle lit and started hearing that train sound alot more and saw my neighbors pine tree bend over and touching the ground.. I freaked.. I was sure a tornado was comeing at us.. so I ran and woke the kids up and we were heading down the basement when Barry called me from work(he works over and hour away so he wasn't getting the storm yet) So I was able to have him pull up on the computer what was happening here and he told me no there wasn't a tornado.. I turned and saw all the kids had fallen asleep on the livingroom floor while Barry was looking it up.. so I figured I wouldn't move them to the basement.. but I couldn't leave them where they were because we have the two big picture windows in the livingroom.. So I moved them all into boys room because there is only one window in there and the rest of the rooms have 3 windows. ONLY the boys buck bed is up agaist the window so we used sleeping bags on the floor.
I ended up not sleeping at all. everytime I would start to fall asleep I would hear the wind and something would crash on the roof or on the side of the house.. I was up all night keep looking out widowns and check weather.. and not to mention feeling really crappy anyways and having trouble sleeping even without the wind.. It was an awful night.

Carey said...

We had some terrifying winds that night as well. I had the same thoughts that ran through my head, very scary.
Glad its over.

palmtreefanatic said...

we had a similar situation too as yours! My DH was getting up at 12:45 and getting ready for work(1am)He was looking out the window and said O MY GOSH! (loudly) I jumped out of a dead sleep and said WHAT?! He said look at these trees...I looked and said wow! He said this is not a normal wind, I asked if it was a tornado? he and I thought yes so we opted to take the younger 2 kids to the basement to be safe ( lucky Adam was sound asleep as his room is in the basement)and I looked out side and it was so dark and raining! So we ran downstairs, I took Jelena and Bill got Kedric poor Kedric as Bill ACCIDENTALLY knocked his head in the door, poor kid if he wasn't awake he certainly should be at this point! He ended up with a big egg on his forehead and Bill felt so bad he ended up sleeping with me all night! Anyways, It was a scary experience as just before getting the kids, the lights went out which scared me then all the more, I am sure my kids heard panic in my voice! we quickly got candles and flashlights as the corn berner was going out, got the kids about settled and the lights came on,Bill Called the police to see if we had a tonado and they said no just a wind surge! So all went to bed and that was our fun filled night!OH the worst part of the night was the next morning when we seen that we lost shingles from our roof! It really sucked as we had to pay $250 for them to put out new shingles we HAD on...Crazy! Even crazier, we hav e alittle trampoline that did not budge much at all! how odd is that?

Shaunda said...

THAT winds was something.