Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ground Hogs Day

Last week we went to the library and got some books out about Holidays coming up in February. The kids really took an interest in GroundHog Day. They drew pictures of Ol' Punxsatawney Phil and talked about spring coming and all the fun things they can do in springtime. Friday night you would've thought Santa was coming the next day, the kids were so full of anticipation. It was quite comical. Ethan asked me, what do we do for GroundHog day? I told him we eat Ground Hogs. He didn't really like or believe that answer though, so I told him really we just watch on tv if he sees he shadow or not and then you just deal with his answer. Can you tell that we have Cabin fever at our house? Well the kids woke up this morning and Ethan turns the tv on the news. Not finding any answers, he changes the channel to the Weather Channel. What a clever little guy. Still no answer, so he sits patiently and watches the weather for like an hour, while Elena dances all around singing songs about springtime. Bill got online and found this article which predicts 6 more weeks of winter. UGH. If we at least had snow to go with this cold it wouldn't be so bad it would be prettier to look at anyways.

They want to know if next year we can watch the ground hog come out of his home at the Ground Hog Zoo which is located in the local library in Punxsatawney, PA (according to the book we read)- Just in case you didn't know that and were wondering-Someday maybe. But for now Have a wonderful Ground Hogs Day and enjoy the next 6 weeks of winter!


Stayllo said...

That is so great that you guys went to the library and looked that up. We went last and it didn't even cross my mind. My kids have been to busy thinking about the superbowl because of all the snacks.

KC said...

I don't even think one of my kids mentioned ground hog day at all. They have just been in party mood all weekend, friday night Sweet Pea's kids party, Saturday the girls combined family party and sunday night the superbowl party.. never gave winter or spring a 2nd thought.
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Michelle P said...

UGGGH! Six weeks more of winter, huh? I am really gonna be stir crazy by then!