Monday, February 25, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

What's for dinner this week? Well I was going to start trying a new recipe each week and after I sat down and wrote out the menu, I realized nothing was new. Oh well we'll try that next week:)
So this week here is what we are having.
Monday: Smoked Sausage, Beef Rice, and Carrots biscuits. My son's fave meal
Tuesday: Chicken Parmesan, green beans
Wednesday: Sloppy joes, tator tots, applesauce
Thursday: Cheese Ravioli, Salad and Garlic Bread
Friday: Beef Taco Skillet, fiesta corn and corn muffins
Saturday: Date night! Mom and Dad out to dinner (4th Saturday in a row we've had a date!! I am loving this!!!)
Sunday: BBQ spare ribs, homemade mac & cheese, vegetable blend crescent rolls
Looking for meal ideas yourself? Check out Laura's blog for more menu's


Happy2bme said...

Great idea!! I really need to try planning like this. I spend probably 15 minutes each night when I get home from work just staring into the pantry and freezer wondering what to make.

Stayllo said...

Great menu! I was happy to see you guys on Sunday! I'm glad you are getting in date nights. We had one Saturday night and have had lunch dates every Friday trying out new restaurants. Its been so much fun!

Melissa said...

Great menu! And congrats on your date night.

KC said...

great menu.. we did Smoked Sausage sunday night.. and we are also having taco's this week.