Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

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Well with having a long weekend and nice weather. YAY! My house is a wreck. I have tackles to do, but today I have to tackle just some yucky ol' housework.
I am having trouble getting going this morning too as outside has taken a turn and it is cold drizzling and not a drop of sunshine. Nice because it means we will be indoors and much easier to get things done, but all I need is a sunny morning and a big pot of coffee and I can tackle anything!

So once I find an ounce of motivation, here is what I need to tackle today.

  • LAUNDRY! Luckily we went out and bought a new Maytag washer this weekend. Our old one lasted us 12 years and was on its last leg. This one washes so much faster AND I can put more in per load! Love it! But I have 3 loads of unfolded laundry that will have to be fluffed then folded and put away. Plus a load of whites to soak and wash and strip all the beds and wash sheets.
  • Clean the Kitchen- Top to bottom. Unload dishwasher, wash windows, counters and sweep and mop
  • Toy Room which somehow keeps getting messy. Don't know how...

That is the main part of it. I am trying to use my crock pot more, so I need to look up some good recipes. HEY, IF YOU HAVE A GOOD CROCK POT RECIPE THAT WORKS FOR YOUR FAMILY LET ME KNOW! LEAVE ME A COMMENT, OR E-MAIL ME lovemybusybugs@yahoo.com I'd love to find some more. I used it twice last week and it made life so much easier, I want to make life easier more often!

Other tackles I need to work on this week are: Re-organize the girls room, my closet, the bathroom closet and the pantry. eek. I am hoping to work on one each day, but we'll see how that goes.

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palmtreefanatic said...

Hey! VB was GREAT! We started out the only ones there but it got busier and way busier when we left at 2! I got a sun burn on my back and it was hot so all in all it was a great day for it! AND the 3 kids even did get in the cold ice water;)

Sounds like alot of tackles going on there! I am doing well with my cleaning, except all the laundry! I plan to head a quick stop to the grocery store and hope to sneak in a bit of scrapbooking! I gotta keep myself caught up before kids are out of school!

I love the croc pot! I am making chili in mine today along with some chicken coleslaw wraps!

Have fun with all those tackles!;)