Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Cards

No pictures today, just a musing about Christmas cards. Don't you love how someone can be placed on your heart and then you hear from them? I have a friend who I was closer to anyone in the world and with kids and business we drifted over the past few years, I miss her terribly, and she has been on my mind daily. She has been dealt a lot and she shuts down instead of reaching out for a friend for comfort. I haven't spoken to her in a year and a half and I woke up yesterday morning thinking I should send her a Christmas card, it was heavy on my heart and when I opened my mailbox yesterday there is a card from her! It literally brought me to tears.

Only at Christmas:)


Michelle P said...

Sweet! And thanks for thinking of our family with a Christmas card! It was nice getting mail from friends :)

Happy2bme said...

I have had experiences like that before too! Love your new look here. Its beautiful.

KC said...

Hey Heather.. Yes I had fun lastnight.. I always have a blast when we can sit around and gab :)

I know I know I forgot about the sock picture also.. I did however get home and took a picture of my socks which I hope to post as part of my weekend recap post this week.

NO NO.. I don't have anyone make the girls dresses.. The one Aniston wore in the christmas program was her christmas dress from last christmas(Aubrie had a matching one) I bought them at Macy's last November. The girls didn't get new ones this year with the whole job thing going on with Barry. I do have one of Aubrie's old ones Aniston can wear but she liked the old one more so that is what she wore for the program.. I'm still trying to find a nice dressy red shirt for her for this christmas.. I have a black velvet skirt that was Aubrie's and Aubrie is wearing a straigh black skirt with a red cami and a grey sweeter, the boys have black pants white dress shirts and red, black and grey Matching ties.. So I just need to find Aniston a red dressier top and I can do there yearly christmas picture infront of the fireplace.. Though I normally have that done by Nov and in cards by now.. I'm so so behind.. I don't think I'm doing cards this year, but I still want there picture..

Think I'm going to go take them to see Santa tonight still don't know what to put them in for that either LOL..

Christmas is just comeing way to quickly for me this year.. I could use an extra week or two before it gets here and I just don't have that.. OH well.

palmtreefanatic said...

oh thats sweet!

I get that feeling alot being a hairdresser, When I think I have not seen so an so in a while then they call an make an appt...its so cool!
I hope she is ok!