Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Recap

Well I thought since I am sitting here half awake, I would try to wake up my rusty brain and post a recap. I did have an almost KC like weekend. Hee, hee. Usually my weekends involve one major event over the course of it, but this weekend was busy and FUN! Friday I took the day off work so that I could get things done before my cookie exchange that I host. I have to plan things like this from time to time, because it actually motivates me to get things done. I need that deadline.

So I stayed up late Thursday night baking cookies so I wouldn't have that mess Friday. Friday was all about getting the house ready. And also having a day off from work without having to run around was soo nice!! I am counting down the days until Christmas Break! Whoo-hoo! The joys of working in a school:)

Friday night I had some friends over here to exchange Christmas cookies and we had quite the wintery weather. It snowed all day and there was quite a bit on the ground and on the roads. One girl couldn't make it because of the weather. (Crazy as it is all melted already and in the 50's right now) of course KC the blogger girl already had pics up. Here are a few I took. I should of just made her my party photographer :p
Saturday we woke up and the whole family just lounged around ate Christmas cookies for breakfast and watched The Santa Claus. Such a great way to wake up!

My MIL wanted the girls to come over for a tea party lunch, so I took them over there, stopped and picked up a few things at the grocery and came home to a quiet house. AWESOME!!! Bill took Ethan sledding so I had some time. I cleaned out one of my cupboards and then made some cookie dough for Sunday.
When Ethan came home we started putting together Christmas gifts we are making for family and teachers. Can't show you because I don't know who will see. Don't want to spoil the surprise!
Saturday night we went to this neat cabin for a surprise 60th birthday party for my Aunt, my mom's oldest sister. It was the first time in a long time I have seen all 4 of my mom's siblings together. They took some pics by the Christmas tree and I got a bit sad. It has been 25 years since my mom has passed....
It was nice to see cousins and family I haven't seen in awhile.

Sunday got up and went to church, the kids did the bell choir thing for the congregation, I love when they get to do this, they are soo cute.

Came home had lunch and went to Aunt Sandy's social hall at her church and spent the afternoon baking cookies with the girls. It was fun and a great way to get a bunch done!

We went back to her house and ordered pizza and just hung out. Was a great weekend. Of course throughout most of it I forgot my camera, but that is just how it goes. Maybe Santa will bring me a camera phone?


Michelle P said...

Nice to see some familiar faces at your cookie exchange! I hope you are able to enjoy the rest of the Christmas season!

KC said...

Sounds like you a very busy weekend..
LOL a KC weekend LOL LOL.. my last few weekends were sort of boaring.. my weekend recap was like drove Aubrie here, drove and dropped Aubrie off there and spend every none playing taxi to my oldest at home watching tv :)
That picture of you and me cracks me up.. too funny that we were both looking at our own cameras :)
I had a blast friday night.. did you see my sock picture.. bummer that we forgot to get everyone feet in one picture OH well..
Thanks for inviting me and thanks for hosting the cookie exchange..

palmtreefanatic said...

The cookie exchange looked like fun, and a great idea!

enjoyed seeing all those familiar faces too! Your weekend was busy too! I been having alot of those lately, nothing is as crazy though as having 4 partys in 5 days, that was almost a killer;)