Friday, December 19, 2008

No School, No School La-La-La-La-La-LA!

Not exactly how I wanted to wake up this morning, Our school system has just started an automatic call system that will call you when there is a delay or cancellation so you no longer need to get up and listen to the radio or watch TV to find out if there is a change in school, my phone is next to our bed so when they call, I don't even need to wake up- which is nice-They just started this last week and already have had to use it twice. A delay on Wednesday and today school was cancelled. So we now are officially on Christmas Vacation! Two weeks off! The kids had fun things planned at school today. Elena is really upset, she was so looking forward to her Christmas party at school. She doesn't want break, she loves school.

So with the roads full of ice, I am bummed because it puts a slight damper on my plans, I was planning on grocery shopping this morning, picking up Jason this afternoon and Christmas shopping with Bill this evening. I still have most of it to do!!

This is the first year in some time that I have more than a gift or two to purchase yet and it is consuming me. I will not do this again if I can help it!

I will try to shift my attitude around and try to enjoy this extra day of being stuck inside and do something fun with the kids, the shopping will have to wait until tomarrow....UGH

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palmtreefanatic said...

it was hard knowing we had one more day to get things done with no kids around and mentally planning a 2 week break with them, however I am Blessed my vacation with them is going well so far so good! We watched its a wonderful life, 1st time for them!
and cleaned their rooms REALLY good! The days fly by, and the vacation will be over before you know it so Tell Elena to enjoy the time off as Christmas is coming!!!!;)