Tuesday, February 20, 2007

For the Love of Jesus and Coffee

OK- Today being Fat Tuesday, doesn't that just sound like such a wonderful excuse to just indulge? I am not a big eater, but when I used to work in an office most of the girls were catholic and we had a major feast all day long. They would bring in some pretty good food too. I am not of Catholic faith, but did attend Catholic church with my best friends from 6th grade through my senior year and always gave something up for lent. It is one of those things I feel like I really should make a choice to sacrifice something that gives me enjoyment for the LORD. So this year it didn't take long to decide that my coffee will have to go. Ahhh!

I have had many relationships with coffee over the years, but lately it is what I run for the second I am out of bed and I don't just stop in the morning. I will start up another round about 3 PM when I am feeling like crashing again. When I first found out I was pg with my first child, I was like this too, I would drink it all morning long. I quit drinking it right then and there the moment I got the positive result. Went without it the whole pregnancy, but wouldn't you know the day I brought him home from the hospital my dh ran to the store and I asked him " Pick up some Vanilla creamer please?" and off I was drinking it again.
So today will be my last day of coffee until after Easter. So if you run into me today, I apologize if I am running 300 miles a minute - It will be the coffee talking ;)

Just something you do when you want to show Jesus how much you love him :)


palmtreefanatic said...

great thing to give up!(It is that time of the year!) good for you! I spoiled myself and had a Grand Cinnamon Dolce latte' from starbucks today! My secret to energy! Although if you start taking B vitamins i think you can get just as much energy and healthier!

Doug and Stacey said...

I have no idea about the coffee addiction. I have never had a cup. I tried it a couple of times, I even tried it two weeks ago but I just don't like it. You've inspired me to give something up for Jesus though. I'll have to think about what its going to be.

crygibb said...

Good luck with giving up coffee. I dont drink it, but i bet after a wile you just might feel better about not having it.

Jen05 said...

Good for you! We did a fast in my Bible study a while back. Since I am pg I was exempt so I gave up all drinks but water for the week. It was tough! You can do it :)