Thursday, February 15, 2007

Winter Wonderland?

You hear the weather forecast and sometimes you get the snow they predict, for us sometimes it goes right over us and hits the snow belt. So I was a bit surprised when I opened my window yesterday morning to see this! The Newspaper said we had 14 inches of snow! I didn't think we would get much seeing how we have had such a mild winter. But it snowed for over 24 hours and we sure were hit!
Dh did his duty and spent 3 hours outside with the shovel and snowplow. The kids were devastated because it was just too cold for them to go out and play. They did have a treat watching dad and all the neighbors blowing a lot of snow around. I hope they can get out in the drifts at least one of these days - some of the drifts in our yard are as tall as the baby! But around here they aren't calling for temps in the 30's until next week :0
This is our deck, off to the right you can see the handle of a big wheel bike that was left there. Hard to believe it was a few weeks ago the kids were outside playing and riding bikes! There are icicles everywhere these are the only ones I would take a shot of, haven't been out in the snow yet! Too Cold! The kids are really enjoying looking at the mounds of snow. Not loving 3 days of school off in a row though!


palmtreefanatic said...

WOW! look at those icesicles! BEAUTIFUL!

KC said...

We ended up with a 6 foot plus drift in our drive way, it was crazy.. the kids went out and played for about 30 min to an hour 3 different times yesterday and 2 times today. I have photos to post but since i can't load them on my computer I have to wait till I get to my moms house to get them online.

Doug and Stacey said...

I love looking at all the pictures of snow, they look so peaceful.

Rona's Home Page said...

It brings back lots of memories for me when I see all that snow. We used to live in Northern Maine and there were times we actually got stuck inside! We would have to wait for a neighbor to let us out.