Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snowed In

Thanks for the birthday wishes girls! and KC for the song. How very sweet :) It took me the whole day but I fuddled through it and am feeling better today! I think I should of just scheduled some kind of break for myself, I was regretting spending the day just doing my regular "duties" . Anyways the day has past- another year of my life has begun.

Today was yet another snow day, We have been hit with the blizzard all the weather people were predicting. I, being a SAHM don't actually mind the snow days, it is kind of nice to HAVE to take a day or two off . I was disappointed this morning though. My daughters preschool was cancelled, My sons kindergarten was canceled and MOPS was cancelled for me and the baby. Dh was walking out the door when I heard the news and I got all (pretend) dramatic and clung to him " NOT MOPS! I wanted to go to MOPS today!! Waa, Waa. "The kids looked at me like I was crazy. I kind of was as today was Chocolate day and those mommas know how to make some chocolate goodies:)
Probably was a good thing though since we are in the midst of our shape up challenge and although I have been doing decent at getting in good workouts(4 in last week, 1 so far this week) my diet could still use some shaping up and I have no will power with a buffet of chocolate and baked goods! We'll have to make some minor adjustments to that I guess.

Today being snowed in wasn't bad though. We tried to do some things to make the day fun. Finished up all the kids Valentines for their classmates and teachers, some other snowy day craft activities and since the kids have been fighting a little cold, Ethan requested chicken noodle soup for breakfast so we decided to have a mix-up day. We had lunch for breakfast, dinner for lunch and breakfast for dinner. They thought that was the greatest!
They have already called off school for tomorrow and I am guessing AWANA will be canceled tomorrow night as well so I better head over to family fun and look up some things to keep us busy tomorrow! Fun suggestions are always welcome:)

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