Monday, April 16, 2007

Break Time and Nightmares

This past week was a crazy one. Ethan and Elena were on Spring Break. It was the first year that this really affected us. When they are in preschool they are only gone a few hours. It is amazing to me how having just one kid home everyday changes the dynamics of things in the house. So in my quest to keep my kids from driving me crazy with boredom, I scheduled the week up. Oh I do believe I should of scheduled just a tad of downtime in there!! We had school friends over, we had cousins spend the night on two of the nights, birthday parties. Lots of time spent with people. I do so love to spend time with others, but this Monday could not come soon enough!! As I dropped Ethan off at school today it was such a relief to get back into my weekly groove.
The thought that keeps lingering in the back of my mind is that summer is right around the corner! AHHHHH! No, I enjoy having all my kids home and being with them, I just am turning into one of those people that gets a little off when my house constantly looks like a tornado and we are always on the go with no time to stop and clean up, you know? We keep toying with the idea of selling and building a new house and that idea just keeps getting pushed further into the future. I just cannot imagine trying to keep this place show ready with these little maniacs underfoot!
The other thing going on this past few days is a bit strange, Everyone in our house has been having nightmares. We haven't changed the time of day we eat dinner, or had any new foods. Just weird. What else is weird is the story of the week. (Elena usually wants the same story reread a million times) The story this week is the Berenstain Bears and the Bad Dream. Elena has been in our bed due to nightmares, Ethan has been in our bed because of dreams of scary ghosts, Bill woke up having weird dreams and I had a dream the other night that won't leave me alone.

I dreamt that I met a new friend and we really clicked. She offered to watch Elena for me when I had something to do with the baby. Well when Elena came home she had on different clothes and I started questioning her about different things. It turns out this girl, let her boyfriend come over and he molested my baby!!! Oh I woke up almost sick. Where did that dream come from? I ran into her room and just held her. My heart goes out to anyone who ever has had to deal with that. I try so hard to protect my kids. That dream just made me think so much about how easily they can be subjected to hurt. I pray they never will have to endure anything of that nature, but it makes you think about how trusting you can be with your dearest ones. I talk to all of the kids often about what to do or say if someone does anything inappropriate to them. I just hope and pray they never have to use it!!

So here we are in a brand new week. I am not posting my meal plan this week as it has nothing new on it. Just my boring old menu. I am gonna try and check out some of the other meal plans and put together a fairly new menu next week. Well my tornado of a house with all of it's dirty laundry, dusty shelves and smudgy windows is calling me.. Better tend to it!


palmtreefanatic said...

hmmm very interesting about the dreams! what are they watching on TV?
you could have still posted the old boring stuff! I like your menus!:)
I know what you mean about sendin the kids to school today! i couldnt wait either too bad I had to be in court all day, it really down right sucked! and what a long day....tornado? perhaps your tornado blew into mine?:) I got one heck of one going to and i am simply overwhelmed in my life right now! sighzzzzzzzz...all i can say now is nighty night!

KC said...

we left at 4am early in the morning Good friday/thursday night in my book LOL. and didn't get home until 10pm this past Saturday my house was clean and all in order when we left by monday I didn't know where to start cleaning up the mess that was in everyroom just from being home one day.. it still looks like a tornado went though and the mountians of laundry is beyound what I want to think about.

UGH about the dreams.. I hate dreams like that.

My menu plan is boaring also and we are eatting the same old same old. Even Mr man commented about the mini meatloaves in his words "hey mom what do we eat these every other week or what" but at this point I'm too busy to try to figure out anything new.. maybe after i get the house back in order I'll find some new quick and easy meals but Right now princess has academic challege pract. twice a week, dram club pract twice a week and softball twice a week and Mr man has baseball pract once or twice a week along with all there normal school and church activities.. so the tried and true, fast and easy works well for me for dinners.