Tuesday, April 24, 2007

7 Favorite Songs

KC posted this the other day and I have really been thinking about it. This is a hard one. To pick my top 7 songs. I love music. Always have to have it on and really think just hearing a good song and having a little dance session does wonders for my stress level! I listen to a variety of music and really it all just depends on my mood.

  1. Don't Happen Twice - Kenny Chesney
  2. Born to Fly - Sara Evans
  3. Gotta be Something More - Sugarland
  4. Who Am I - Casting Crowns
  5. Right Here - Jeremy Camp
  6. From this Moment - Shania Twain
  7. Some Days you gotta Dance - Dixie Chicks

I could list on and on. These are some of my favorite artists and I could probably list every Kenny Chesney song as my fave. The first 3 artists are all going to be in concert together this summer. On a Saturday (summer shows are always like on a Thursday and dh can't take off work) at a nearby football field. I was soo excited when I heard, do you think we could get tickets??? Nope. Bill was even willing to spend $150 a piece for them. (we usually won't spend more than $50 a ticket) Hoping somehow before the show we just come on to some. Hey - a girl can wish!

I like lots of different. I could be in a The Cure or Depeche Mode mood( going back to high school) I love music from the 80's and early 90's, I like Rob Thomas, Maroon 5, Gwen Steffanni, oh and her husband Gavin Rossdales group Bush. I like Casting Crowns, Warren Barfield , Jeremy Camp I could go on and on, like I said it all depends on my mood.

The other question she had was do you listen to the music based on the music or the lyrics. I would say if I like the beat then I'll listen closer and see what it has to say.

So what about you? Are you a tried and true rock n' roller? Do you get your groove on to some funky 80's beat? Do Share. I'd love to see what's on your I pod that will never be removed! If you read this I invite you to tell me your 7 favorite songs. If you play along - please let me know!


KC said...

Thanks for playing along.. You took the time to think about this.. I just took about 30 mins to think about this.. I knew I would never beable to just pick 7 so I picked the 1st 7 that popped into my head that I thought Yeah I wouldn't mind listening to that right now. LOL
Love all the songs you listed.. ALL of them.. Princess when she was younger was a big Shania fan.. when she was 2 1/2 years old she would walk around singing "honey I'm home" it was the cutest thing ever.. When she was 4 years old I took her to the fair to see the look a like Shania concert and she thought that was just the greatest thing ever. I could list 7 of her songs as my favorites. LOL.. I really don't have favorites.. I just either Love songs or don't. I love all of hers.

dcrmom said...

I love rock from all decades. Particularly the 60s, the 80s, and current alternative rock music. I have so many favorites, that list was impossible for me. I am still rethinking some of my choices, as I listen to my iPod every day.

Carey said...

What a great list. Kenny Chesney and Casting Crowns are two of my favorites artists. Wouldn't it be so cool to see them in concert sometime? What a blast that would be. Great list, thanks for sharing it.