Saturday, April 21, 2007

Rainbow Cookies

We were in the grocery store the other day walking past the bakery and we saw multi-colored cookies. Elena immediately wanted them. The girls were going to a babysitter the next day and Elena wanted to bring a treat to share. Now I am one of those people who rarely buys baked goods. I will attempt to make anything. so having no idea how I was gonna make these cookies multi-colored without the colors mixing together I set out on my mission. I couldn't find a specific recipe so I just used a drop sugar cookie one. Divided the batter in 4 parts and colored each part differently. grabbed a little dollop of each color and softly rolled them so they would stick. Baked them until just barely set. Perfect play-doh cookies! Elena kept going in the kitchen and staring at her treat to share. I was so happy that they turned out and although not yummy looking on my standards. The batch didn't last long here or at the sitters!


Carey said...

They are so cool! My kids would love to make(and eat)these. Thanks for sharing a very cool idea to make cookies different.

KC said...

WOW those are so cool, my kids would love them.. YOUR also WAY cooler then me because I would have just brought them at the store LOL.. ~sigh~ I'm lazy that way :) Might have to give these a try I'm sure Sweet Pea would love to help me make them.

Michelle P said...

What fun cookies! We are always looking for new things to cook that the kids can help with:)

palmtreefanatic said...

These look fun to make!
they do put me in mind of playdoh!
GREAT JOB on this baking tackle! Your the coolest mom ever!