Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Stuffed Puppies!- Right up my alley:)

My Sweet little Natalie just loves, I mean loves dogs. She has her little toddler bed full of them. Different colors, different sizes all with names of chocolate or m&m's her fave things in the world. Unfortunately her momma is more of a cat person. And our old kitty is pretty set in his ways I don't think any new animals are in our near future. BUT over at Five Minutes for MOM I saw this awesome giveaway that would make her year!! AND they are giving away 3 so big brother Ethan and big sister Elena wouldn't be fighting over them. They all want a dog so badly. This giveaway would be perfect I mean how cute are these? If you want to check out the store that is sponsoring the giveaway- A Rocking Horse to Love, just click the link here go to the stuffed puppies section to view more.

I don't do many of these giveaway write ups, but a life size stuffed puppy? So worth it. So wish me luck!

See how excited they would be to win?


Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

Natalie sounds so sweet!

I have to agree that these stuffed dogs are a MUCH simpler alternative to the real thing.

Blessed said...

I had to do a write-up for three stuffed puppies too - all of the entries are great! I'm glad I don't have to pick a winner.

I love your fortune cookie picture in the sidebar... guess I need to get off the computer :)