Monday, August 04, 2008


Back and have some time to catch up a bit. YAY! Seems this summer is absolutely flying by! I guess that is a sign of getting old, eh? When you are young time drags on and on and when you get older it whizzes past. Anyways.
First thing is my dear son Ethan who I am sure will cause me to grey waay before my time, Is in the clear with his tooth!
For now anyways. Last week we went to the dentist and he says his tooth is being held by the bone. It has grown around and is now supporting the tooth and the X-ray showed that the root is reattaching. So we are back to normal for the most part. I am still going to take caution with some of the things he does or bites into. Of course we come home from the dentist and that same night he thinks he is going to pull out his ramp and start jumping his bike. YIKES! Don't think so. But he was able to play in his last ball game of the season which was nice because all season he wasn't allowed on the field, only could bat with the protective helmet on. And we can actually swim now too. This whole summer has went by and we only could go to the private pool we belong to a handful of times. I am hoping we have many sunny days left so we can get down there and enjoy them.

While this was taking place with Mr. Ethan Miss Elena wanted to get in on the action and dislocated her elbow. It was a rainy day and we were leaving the dentist office I took the kids to the mall to play. Just as we were getting ready to leave she does one last dive off a toy and must of fallen just right. I didn't see the fall, but she complained all day about it hurting. I figured it was bruised because nothing appeared to be out of place. When my dh got home from work I took her out to the ER since our Dr was on vacation. 3 Hours later it was all back in place and life was good. Other than she had to rest her arm for 2 days in a sling. She hated that you would've thought the world was gonna end. How would she react if it was broken? Anyways glad that is behind us as well.

I have spent most of the summer sick. ICK! I had strep throat in the beginning of summer and for the last 3 weeks have another lovely sore throat. I guess I better start taking better care of myself. eh? I will make a mental note to do that.

Some positive, I mean WONDERFUL news is miss Natalie is now Potty trained!! YAY!! It took a little time, but once she had it down, she had it down. It has been over a month and we have only had 3 accidents. She is thrilled with herself. I cannot believe I am finally done buying diapers! 7 1/2 years straight of diapers, diapers, diapers. I almost grabbed the microphone at Walmart and announced it to the store I was so excited when I bought the Princess pull ups. My last package I will buy for myself!Whoo-hoo!! She wears the pull ups at night, but she wakes up dry. I still am making her wear them a little longer to avoid any messes. But Go Natalie Go!!

I started am currently babysitting Elena's best friend and her big brother until school gets back in which has been an adjustment around here. Now this week they are sick so their mom is keeping them home (which I soo appreciate!) I also will have Natalie's best bud a few days in there so at least they all have someone to keep them busy.

Even though we have had to lay low. And I mean low. I couldn't even do play dates because I just didn't feel like telling Ethan no 300 times so I just avoided anything he might have trouble controlling himself with so that was friends, parks, beaches, etc etc. We did do the summer reading program at the Library and they really go into that this year. Natalie was old enough to participate too so that was fun. She is looking forward to story time this fall.
We did go on our annual 4th of July family camping trip which was a lot of fun, we went to the drive in movie a few times, the zoo, VBS, and lots of just hanging out together which I am loving.

I am so torn about school coming up, part of me wants to keep them home longer and have more fun together and part of me thinks 3 more weeks? AWWWW.

Okay I think for the most part we are up to speed now. I have more, but I will save it for another post.


palmtreefanatic said...

wow! lots is happening! Glad to hear everyone is feeling better, pump that vitamin c for yourself;)

I know what you mean about summer flying by! it certainly is here as well! my gosh! Here I am trying to get school supplies! I feel like I worked most of my summer with having my 2nd job which was only supposed to be on mondays, I had to be available all week long each time she calls! sigh
so I worked my entire weeks vacation which I am a bit bummed about, but times are tough and I need to take the money when I can get it!

Glad to hear the tooth is all better Praise God as Adams is too!

I hope we can get to VB some more we have hardly gotten there this year and am really thinking of scratching it off my list for next year....I will break the trend of being a member. I think we been members for 12 yrs and then 20 some before that! thats alot of VB!;)

Well I do hope the rest of your summer goes wonderful!

Michelle P said...

Glad to see ya back! What a crazy summer for you! Can't wait to see more of what you've been up to!

KC said...

I'm so glad you were able to do an update. Sounds like even though you had a low key summer you have had a fun summer.
I"m really REALLY SAD about summer coming to an end. I would love Just one more month of summer. Like in one more month after the 3 weeks, summer always seems to fly by way to fast for my liking.. boo hoo :(
Call me and let me know what story time you are signing up for, and I'll try to get Rhett in the same one. I need to do something with him since I didn't sign him up for preschool. I'm not sure which day his speech is going to be yet the hospital is going to call me sometime next week, but if we can do the story time with you guys that would be great.

Stayllo said...

I'm so glad you're back!!