Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Beginnings

First day of school underway and Miss Elena starts today. She was so excited. She picked out a
Hannah Montana shirt to wear with sparkly silver shoes and of course a silver headband to match. I was never so accessorized as a kindergartner. Not even in high school! Anyways, I keep thinking I need to pick her up in a few hours. That will be different. She didn't act nervous at all and we found out there was a little boy from her preschool that she played with all summer that is in her class. So that was reassuring. A familiar face.

Ethan wasn't so crazy about his first day. Lunch was later and his friends were all scattered. It will be better for him today I am sure. He thinks he doesn't need me to walk him to/from school anymore. He got mad when I made him walk with us. Big second grader.

My first day was fun. It was great to see all the kids that I know and the teachers were so nice. Surprisingly Ethan's teacher from last year was quite chatty and told me of a job opening. So I am going to see what I can do about getting it. The ladies I worked with were great and I got to work with my friend who got me my job so that made it so much easier getting into it.

Natalie was super excited to go to the babysitters, but had a rough afternoon. We'll see how she does today.

So my new beginning besides working out of the house is getting back into working out! I have been such a slacker and I can feel it. I don't usually go by the scale, I go by how I feel and lately I can feel that I have put on a few pounds. When I went to the Dr a few weeks back his scale said I have gained 12 pounds since late spring!! WOW! So I have been watching what I put into my mouth, trying to snack on veggies and such and since I just have one child with me starting today I amgetting back into walking daily. I took the kids to school and took Natalie on a 30 minute walk. I am gonna shoot for 30 min a day this week, bump that up to 45 next and keep moving until I am at an hour. I will walk until the weather gets too yucky and then I will head to our local rec center.
So wish me luck with this. It is so hard to get into a new routine.

Okay now I am off to bake a chocolate cake for dessert tonight. Hmmm wonder how those 12 pounds snuck on? I have no idea!

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KC said...

PLEASE WOMEN!!!!!!! You still look GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
healthy snacking.. that has me LOL as I sit here eatting sour gummy worms LOL LOL..
Can't wait to hear how the 1st day of school went for Miss E. Who did she get as a teacher?? and who did Ethan end up with?? Sorry I couldn't talk more yesterday, I picked Aubrie up at 2:30 took her home so she could eat and change then had to pick up Ry and Aniston and get Aubrie back to her school by 3:45 for her volleyball game which was at 4:30 So I was rushing around like a crazy women.