Friday, August 22, 2008

Back to School

The last weekend of summer vacation. A month ago I was dreaming about this, craving the regularity of a schedule. I have 2 going to school this year. My middle child is beginning kindergarten and although I have been so excited for her to go, now that we are days away I am getting sad. I know she will thrive in that environment. She loves school I am hoping it continues now that it will be an all day everyday thing. I am looking forward to days with just me and my 3 year old though. She is at such a fun age, I know we will make lots of special memories together.

Another thing about school starting this year that I am nervous/excited about is I am going back to work. I was hired by the school system the kids go to in May as a substitute helper. I will float between all the schools wherever there is a need, secretaries, library, teachers aide, kitchen. I am a sub so I can for the most part choose my schedule. Well I got a call with a request to work at the elementary school my kids attend for the whole week next week. I will only be working for two hours each day just to help in the cafeteria. Perfect. I will be here with them before and after school. I am glad I will get to see them at school each day, but nervous about returning to the work world. I have been home for over 3 years and even before that I was only working 1-3 days for 2 years before that. But I know once I get in there it will be fine. Natalie is excited about going to the babysitters, she has been telling me for weeks that I go to work she will go to the babysitters. So I know the adjustment for her will be fine.

Well I better get myself ready to go shopping. Just a few more items to pick up and the kids are ready for back to school!


KC said...

How cool about the job... I would love to get into something like that.. How do you go about getting a job with the school like that??? email let tell me what I need to do :)

have a wonderful week at school :)

Michelle P said...

Good luck starting school/work! Hope all goes smoothly :)