Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen kinds of Ice Cream to Enjoy this summer....
1. Chocolate
2. Vanilla
3. Moose Tracks
4. Fried Ice Cream - yummy!
5. Banana Split
6. Cherry Vanilla
7. Butter Pecan
8. Birthday Cake
9. Snickers
10. Mint Chocolate Chip
11. Cake Batter
12. Sugar Cookie Dough
13. Strawberry

I know not a really exciting list, but it is prime ice cream season and we have been gobbling it down by the gallon! Happy Thursday!


Frdgrl27 said...

I changed my blog address! you can find me at frdgrl27.blogspot! Check it out and change it in your links! Thanks Heather!

Stayllo said...

That list made me hungry. I never thought about how many different kinds of ice cream I like. I wonder how many there are.

KC said...

sounds yummy to me Happy T13

palmtreefanatic said...

mmmm butter pecan! We just came from Friendlys and I helped 2 of the kids eat! Its a moms job;)