Sunday, October 22, 2006

Time to share

I do have to admit, when I started this seperate blog I was so completely inspired. I envisioned daily posts full of wonderful stories of motherhood and ways that I have found to just keep me driven.
When in all reality I have had no time to be motivated let alone have time to write it down to share.
But This week has been a good one in the fact that I have am realizing that I really have allowed myself to become soo absorbed with being mommy that I didn't realize how much of myself I have been losing. Not that being mommy isn't the most wonderful title in the world. It is truly my most favorite, just would like to find out who this mommy person, or should I say Heather is. I am just now finding the desire to find myself again. I don't even remember when I lost that :0

One big thing is just doing little things for myself like actually shopping for myself. So many days I stop and look down at myself. Tennis shoes, sweatshirt and pony tail is what I swore I would never become!! So lately I have found myself taking a step towards getting back to me. I have had a few nights this week where I was able to go out with friends so I went out and bought some new things for myself. Amazing what a new outfit can do for you! Plus I got to go on a date with my husband. Something we don't do as often as we should. But we really reconnected. That was really a neccesary step. We have been going in opposite directions lately and to get back on the same path just feels awesome! We have made a promise to do that more often and we are very excited to have a teenage babysitter now and we just found one more:) I forsee more grown up time in the future. yay!!

Besides time with my hubby and new clothes, something I am so thankful for these days is friends. New friends, old friends, best friends. Something I really couldn't live without. It seems -that -most of all is helping me to get back to myself again. Keeping me driven to be who I set out to be. The kind of friend, mother and wife that I said I would be and sort of was losing sight of. So Thanks to all my friends just for being you and being a part of my life!

In this wonderful season of motherhood, friends are what we need the most:)

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Jen05 said...

Heather you are so great! :) This post really inspired me because I have noticed that I too am turning into the dreaded "mommy". You know the one I'm talking about! Thanks for the motivation!