Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Fallidays

I received something in the mail the other day, an advertisement that I thought was true description of how I feel about autumn. Happy Fallidays. I have always loved fall, so many things about it that are special. In a way after having a long fun summer, When the month of September arrives, it kind of is like all the Holidays begin and in a way we treat every day like a holiday. Lets go pick Apples, because its fall. Lets have cider and donuts today because its September. Lets bake some pumpkin seeds and make some yummy pumpkin bread for a snack. I could go on and on. Trying to do all the fun fall things in such a short amount of time can make this laid back relaxing time to fly by and Christmas is upon us before we know it. So for now I am gonna try to take advantage of as many days as I can to brew up a pot of some yummy hazelnut coffee and try to take as many time outs and take it all in.

10 Things I love about fall
1. Pumpkins. Eating them, decorating with them, carving them
2.Spending time outdoors with my family. Even doing yardwork is fun. Raking a big pile of leaves and watching the kids jump in them.
3. Taking a drive to look at the leaves changing. Esp. when you aren't the driver, you can take in so much!
4. Reading stories like 'We're going on a leaf hunt' with the kids.
5. Warm sunny days that have just a touch of crispness to them. Enough to need a sweater.
6. Getting together with friends with a nice cup of something warm. Tea, cider, cocoa whatever!
7. Warm, snuggly fleece pajamas, esp the kinds with the feet in them (the kind Ethan and Elena hate to wear but so far Natalie is okay with them YAY!)
8. Taking walks and listening to how even the noises in town change when autumn arrives, neighborhood kids are in school, there is less traffic, a bit more quiet.
9. Football games. Going to them, or even on TV - they are great background noise for a nap. (NAP! HA! Can't remember the last time I napped while watching anything! I can reminisce, can't I? )
10. Baking. Something about the weather cooling makes me want to fire up the stove! So you can always count on some sort of baked good at our house, cookies, brownies - tried a new recipe for apple pie the other day! YUM-O! It was the best I have ever made:)

All right that's all I have for now. We actually spent some nice family time together and enjoyed a perfect fall day. A bit cool, very and sunny. We went to a festival, caught some of the parade, ate WAY to much junk and came home and snuggled up to a movie:) Just a nice day, Oh and my dad went to church with me this morning so I guess it was a great day! Hope you all had one to.

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Doug and Stacey said...

I thought I was the only one who thought of football as background noise for sleeping!