Monday, March 19, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Okay here is my challenge. It's getting towards the end of the month, going to be a transition period for us. Dh is going back to work. You would think. Oh well that's good more money will be coming in. Which will be true eventually. The next few weeks will be an adjustment as his pay cycle changes. Sooo I will need to be creative and budget conscious a little more. Which will be an interesting challenge. Esp with so many things I would like to purchase for Easter. So I will try to save as much as I can on our food bill so I can have more to play with:)
I am trying 2 new recipes this week that I found in magazines. Beef taco skillet, and crunchy onion chicken. I will link those recipes in case you want to check them out too.
Our week:
Monday: Beef Taco skillet $5.00 meal, $1.00 pp
Tuesday: Crunchy Onion Chicken $5.00 meal. $1.00 pp
Wednesday: minestrone soup, bread sticks $4.60 meal,$ 0.92 pp
Thursday: Egg & Bacon casserole, fruit $6.20 meal, $1.24 pp
Friday: Boxed meal or leftovers
Saturday: Sloppy Joes, Tator tots $3.75 meal, $0.75 pp
Sunday: Birthday party at McDonald's. Dinner there!
For more Menu ideas - check out Lauras blog!
That's it for me! Have a blessed week!


Anonymous said...

Great week ahead of ya! Hope you enjoy the new recipes you're trying!!

jennyr said...

wow, i love how u showed the breakdown cost! a dollar below each person? what a deal! that's an awesome plan u have...mine is ready!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by! Sounds like you have one tasty week ahead of you, too!!! I'll definitely be checking out that chicken recipe you linked to! Hope you have a blessed week!

annie said...

Those recipes look delicious.
Have a great week.

Carey said...

Let me know how the crunchy onion chicken comes out...sounds really good.

KC said...

Great menu plan. After the $$ i spent this week on groceries I think DH will have us eatting hotdogs and soap every day next week.. We didn't do very well at all, I went with my dinner plan items and he went though the store and bought all this junk food and when we checked out we had 2 carts full of stuff and about went into shock when we saw the cost.. BUT I was cooking for 9 people three maybe four times this week so I planned alot of leftover, maybe come later in the week I will see I can do one whole meal out of leftover and that will help next weeks bill.

Terri @ In His Hands said...

The chicken recipe...YUM! Thanks for sharing!


Doug and Stacey said...

Thank you for the recipes!

Blogger said...

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