Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Thinking Spring

I am thrilled that spring will officially be here tomorrow:) This momma definitely is developing a severe case of cabin fever. I didn't realize how ready for the unthawing I was until we had that teasing of warm weather last week. We spent an entire afternoon outside! Ate lunch on the deck and just soaked up as much as we could. Got out the stroller and walked two days in a row. It was so nice just to have some sunshine on my face, a quiet baby in tow just chucking it around town. So peaceful. So enjoyable. I am anxious for the sunny days also to help keep things with my workouts fresh. There is nothing more fulfilling than getting a good workout in while enjoying mother nature. Walking/jogging is one of my favorite ways to stay healthy and get back in shape.

I give soooo much credit to people who diet. Who regularly watch the calories and or foods they eat each day. I totally don't want to be braggy, but I just have always been able to stay about the same weight as long as I kept up with workouts. I am not much of a big eater. I never had to crash diet, but I have always had to workout. This truly is the first time since having kids that I have struggled to lose weight. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I have had three kids and am sliding into my 30's. So in my desperate attempt to lose these last 10 pounds, I went down to a 1200 calorie diet. I did a decent job - despite the fact I was STARVING!- I lasted a whole week :( I was stressing so much because the last weigh in at MOPS didn't go well. Scale stayed the same, so I was grasping for some additional push. I think with trying to maintain my workouts and still going without coffee (which might I add has been going well up until the past 2 days. I am starting to want it again and find myself counting down the days until Easter.) I was trying to do too many things to change myself at the same time. Too much for this already multitasking momma. So I decided to just really pay attention to portion size and really focus on making healthier choices in what I eat. I started to feel better about things a few days ago when I put on a pair of jeans I have worn quite regularly were very loose!! I have been living in my track pants and such lately so I was so, so happy to make this discovery! YAY!!

So the weather this next week is calling for 50's, 60's with some rain. Hopefully the rain holds off enough for us to get out and do some trekking about. Time to fire up the old double jogger!:)

Come on Spring!

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