Friday, March 28, 2008

90 Day Bible Challenge - Day 23

For those of you that are joining me on this, isn't this great? I have to admit the first two weeks it seemed to be easy to wake up earlier and get most of or all of my reading done before I needed to get everyone ready to head out the door. This last week has posed more of a challenge and quite a few days the little bit of reading I did one day wouldn't get finished until the next, but as of this morning I just finished 2 Samuel 22 and even read a little into tomorrow's reading. What a wonderful feeling!!

It has been comforting to me that as I go through the Old Testament that I knew more of it than I thought. (Apparently I do hear more than I realize when I listen to pastors sermons:) So getting more into these stories has been such a comfort for me and I am noticing a difference in how I am talking to people, to my kids. A Lot of positive feelings and a little more love going around. It is GREAT!
Knowing that God is a jealous and firm God, but also a loving God. He holds his children to their words, disciplines his children with love, corrects them when they are wrong, but rewards them greatly when they obey. The perfect model of what parenting is and should be.

Give me your update. How is it going for you? Do you have something that has stuck out with you? I'd love to know. E-mail me or drop me a comment.

God Bless!


Donna said...

The link above tells of a great story after I saw the bible reading of the day on your side bar!!

I am not so diligent, but to check out the readings occasionally!

Have a great weekend!

The Edwards said...

DIDO! THE More I read his word I just want more!