Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Easter treats our family loves

1. Chocolate Bunny

2. Cadbury Eggs - yes I do like these

3. Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

4. Robin Eggs

5. Gummy Bunnies

6. Reese peanut butter eggs

7. Blow Pops (The kids, especially Natalie love these)

8. Chocolate Lollipops in bunny and duck shapes

9. Chocolate Eggs

10. Sweet tarts in Easter Shapes

11. Peanut M & M's - The kids are happy with any flavor, but the peanut are mom's fave.

12. Bubble Gum Eggs

13. Actually most anything chocolate works for us!!

Now don't get me started on Easter baked goods, that is a whole separate list!!

Hope you get all the Easter treats you wish for and the Easter Bunny is good to you:)


She Became a Butterfly said...

i was chomping on bubble gum eggs last night!


Toni said...

The Cadbury Egg is the one thing I dread and love about Easter. Two days ago, I ate three!!!

Have a wonderful Easter!


palmtreefanatic said...

yummy minus the jelly beans;)
I got the kids all chcolate I like!!!
reeses peanut butter eggs are my fav... I usually get malted milk balls but for some reason I have bought too many in the past and I am the only one who eats them go figure!

Great list for TT!

Teena said...

I love gummy bunnies! What a yummy TT13!

I played too :)

Carol Van Rooy said...

I posted a recipe for homemade cadbury creme eggs as found on another site this evening.

Feel free to stop by and say hello.