Sunday, March 09, 2008

Daylight Savings

Hope you all remembered to set your clocks ahead an hour
(SPRING AHEAD) Daylight Savings
It's probably a good thing that we were bombarded with like 18 inches of snow and that our 1st service at church was canceled today because I never would of made it to class on time! I was scheduled to teach in the pre-school wee worship class and I like to get there about 8:30 AM. I thought about the clocks last night, but didn't set them before I went to bed, so when I woke up it already was 8 AM! We're all reset, but it could've been a crazy day, instead it's another stay inside and snuggle up day. Which is much needed as we all have been passing around a cold and fevers. NOT FUN!
So if you haven't yet- so turn your clocks ahead and enjoy a little more sunshine in your day:)

Daylight Savings


KC said...

Oh no, hope your all feeling better. Little Man and Sweet Pea both had fevers when they went to bed tonight.. I'm hoping they wake up feeling better. ~sigh~

The Edwards said...

WOW, that hour sure meant a lot to ME!