Friday, March 14, 2008

Faith- Lift Friday

Encourage others and yourself! Share a scripture, quote, devotional, lyrics, or anything that has blessed you and strengthened you in your faith.
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Taking The Challenge

Do all things without complaining and disputing - Phillipians 2:14

Okay, so this is the verse I come across a couple weeks back and something about it really sifted it's way into my brain. The next few days I was catching myself complaining about this or that, things going on in my life. And mind you these were silly piddly things, not major life or death situations. How did I get to this that I am such a complainer? I really had no idea how often I grumbled about what life dishes out to me.

As I am beginning my journey of reading the entire Bible, last week I am reading through Exodus where Moses is leading the people out of Egypt and as they are wandering through the desert, they are complaining about what God is putting them through, and God keeps responding with Don't you know yet that I am GOD? And again I think about how much faith do I put in that he will take care of us? Believe me, my faith has been once again reassured as it always is when I turn it over to the LORD.

This past week has been especially difficult as there are things going on in my home life I sooo want to grumble about. But I find that when I guard my thoughts and resist the temptation to complain, I feel better than if I would of just let it out!

Lord, help me stop complaining When things don't go my way;

Instead give me a thankful heart For all You do each day - Sper


palmtreefanatic said...

thank you for a nice post and yes a reminder to us all! Have a great weekend Heather!

KC said...

It is so easy to do this.. just let things in this life cloud what God is doing for us.. So that we find ourself complaining about this or that, instead of Thanking God for all He has done.
Have a Wonderful Weekend.