Friday, August 10, 2007

Faith-Lift Fridays

Encourage others and yourself! Share a scripture, quote, devotional, lyrics, or anything that has blessed you and strengthened you in your faith.Don't forget to grab the button and to link back to Sheryl's post.
This is my first time posting on Faith Lift Fridays, but lately I have had something on my heart and I wanted to share.
This summer has been a fun one for our family, but as we are wrapping it up, one thing mommy is not focusing on is her relationship with Christ. I told myself at the beginning of summer that I wasn't going to miss church because of summer activities and here we are in August and its been a good month since we've went. I pray often, but I haven't opened my bible as much as I should or read with the children from their bibles. Well I am noticing a difference in everything I do. I have been having trouble sleeping, (I went a good week with hardly sleeping at all) I have been having problems with the kids and with my temper. Everything in my life has been affected. I knew in my heart I just needed to drop to my knees, but that stubborness in me kept saying Oh no you can do this - just keep going.
Well I have been helping lead a summer bible study (which I didn't feel like I should seeing my heart just wasn't in the right place, but helping lead also made sure that I went when each week I never felt like going) We have met the last few weeks in a row and this past week was a bad one for me. I was walking around in an angry, tired mess. I knew what I needed to do to change my heart and luckily a verse kept coming back to me that we reviewed.
Matthew 11:28
Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
Luckily I was pushed to my limit and locked myself in the bathroom, had a good talk with God and am starting over. We talked in our group about how important it is to seek the quiet time with God, how even Jesus escaped to be in prayer. I haven't had any alone time lately. Everyhing I do, everywhere I go, I have the kids with me. I need to make more time just to have a break- a few moments of quiet. I have put it back at the top of the list and am making a point to start my day in his word and putting my focus back where it needs to be. It's amazing to me how the Lord does respond to our prayers. I have slept the past two nights wonderfully and we had a great day with the kids yesterday, lots of laughter, no tears or yelling. Thanks be to GOD!


palmtreefanatic said...

That is wonderful Heather! 1st you recognize then seek help! God will meet you where your at. And He will help you! all he says is to ask!
before you know it, summer will be over, kids in school and life will be easier to manage, so those precious quiet moments will once again be back! I too need to get back in the Bible and Am impressed with all the passes we have I have pretty much made it to church every week!
I know the weeks go smoother when we do go and I don't feel that feeling all week like I forgot something ya know? But reading the bible daily is what really matters and somethng I need to get back to doing!have a super relaxing weekend!

KC said...

Isn't it funny how many times we have to hit our head agaist the wall before we turn things over to God.. I do that so often.. things are going wrong and I am trying to work it all out, when all I really need to do is give it over to God focus on Him and let Him take care of everything going on around me.
I found this summer to be like a roller coster I'm sad to say.. I start off spending time with God in His Word and then things get busy and even though I had planned on doing my reading and studying things keep popping up and Im start running here and there and I foget or pass out before I do it.. and Then I set in my heart to keep God 1st, do good for a bit then start back on that downward slope then get back up then down.. It's crazy.. but Like you pointed out Life is so much better when I set my heart on Things above.
Thank you for sharing this..

Michelle P said...

The two things that can get me off track almost every time are 1.) busyness and 2.) weariness. I've been there too and have learned time and time again that I NEED JESUS EVERY DAY just to be the mom, wife, friend, sane person, etc... that I can't be on my own. Thanks for sharing your Faith Lift Friday!

KC said...

stop by my blog there is a new award waiting for you.

Stayllo said...

I can completely understand where you are coming from and struggle with the same things. Isn't nice to know we are not alone?