Monday, August 13, 2007

Something you don't want to hear

When you are in the shower....

Ethan: "MOM! Natalie just knocked all the power out of my room! She used that thing you use to paddle us with, that you have one in the kitchen too (wooden spoon) and hit my nightlite (still plugged into the wall) and everything went black."

Me: WHAT???

Again, never a dull moment around here :)


palmtreefanatic said...

aaaaah, the joy of children, this is why I learned to get up between 5-6am, that way I have a peaceful time to get my shower, and tidy up before kids get up an stress me;)

KC said...

The joys of having a two year old in the house ;)

Hope you were able to get the power back on easily.

Yesterday I was showering heard the door open and with in a second Little Man was in the shower with me fully clothed saying "me bath, me bath"

Stayllo said...

I hope everything is okay!

Michelle P said...

I still lock my kids in my bedroom, put on a video, stick Joshua in the exersaucer and pray no one gets into anything. When my hubby gets home, I am taking a LONG shower with no one to interrupt me =)